Branding And Creativity With Dylan Staniul From Burnkit

Dylan Staniul – Partner Design Burnkit Over the span of nearly 20 years in the business Dylan has worked with an incredible variety of clients and industries and has seen first-hand the evolution of the industry through the perpetual push-pull between print and digital traditional and new media online and offline But he s never lost sight of what s most important tell a story well and you will capture attention and create lasting impressions on people Nearly kicked out of design school for his wild ideas a common theme in his development as a designer is to break the rules in order to learn them In this episode we discuss How did Dylan get involved in graphic design and branding How walking into a design school changed Dylan s career path Dylan s path to being a partner creative at Burnkit The importance of having a physical workspace that works for you and represents how you feel Advice from Dylan on staying creative Burnkit is creating an app stay tuned for that Click here to visit this podcast episode

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