Nintendo Duel Screens Episode 126 – Widget Wonder | Guest Host: Lucas Rowe | Sparklite

Lucas Rowe of Red Blue Games is here to mine the depths of Sparklite – a whimsical action-adventure game that is headed to the Nintendo Switch later this week Speaking of things that rock Terry Bogard makes his Smash Bros debut and yes – we are more than okay And finally The Hype Zone pours out a half-caf non-fat double cappuccino with just enough foam to be aesthetically pleasing but not so much that it leaves a mustache This is Nintendo Duel Screens Episode 126 Sponsored by Melted Pins Go to www meltedpins com and use the promo code NDSMELTED to receive 10 off your order Buy NDSPodcast Merch at www teespring com ndspodcastSupport on Patreon at www patreon com ndspodcast Click here to visit this podcast episode

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