Much More Than A Social Network

Today s guests present a smorgasbord of resources available for K12 engineering educators starting with the website www LinkEngineering org an online toolkit to support PreK-12 engineering education Guests Dr Elizabeth Cady and Dr Linda Kekelis explain what LinkEngineering is It s hard to sum up the website in one word Produced by the National Academy of Engineering NAE it s part social network part resource database part review site and part Q A site A bit like LinkedIn Yelp and Quora morphed together but for engineering education And it s still evolving Listen to this episode to learn more as well as to hear about role models philanthropy gender equity and toys Dr Linda Kekelis Ph D consults on STEM programs and research to help increase access for girls and underrepresented youth she was the founder and former CEO of Techbridge Dr Elizabeth Cady is a Program Officer for engineering education at the NAE Among other projects she staffs LinkEngineering and administers the Frontiers of Engineering Education symposium which recognizes and supports innovative engineering faculty members Resources mentioned this episode LinkEngineering – http www linkengineering org National Academy of Engineering – http www nae edu EngineerGirl – http www engineergirl org TechBridge – http techbridge org Rising Above the Gathering Storm Enginergizing and Employing America for a Brighter Future 2007 – https www nap edu catalog 11463 rising-above-the-gathering-storm-energizing-and-employing-america-for Linda Kekelis s blog entry on LinkEngineering – http linkengineering org Discover 698 14392 aspx TeachEngineering – https www teachengineering org GoldiBlox toys – http www goldieblox com The Connectory – http theconnectory org Changing the Conversation Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering 2008 – https www nap edu catalog 12187 changing-the-conversation-messages-for-improving-public-understanding-of-engineering Online Ethics Center http www onlineethics org Linda Kekelis – lkekelis gmail com Elizabeth Cady – ecady nae edu Our opening music comes from School Zone radio edit by The Honorable Sleaze our closing music is from Late for School by Bleeptor Both are used under Creative Commons Attribution Licenses https creativecommons org licenses by 4 0 Subscribe and find more podcast information at www k12engineering netClick here to visit this podcast episode

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