ASAP Podcast With DR Robert Burger M D Orthopaedic Surgeon Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Specialty

ASAP Athletic Strength And Power Podcasts caught up with Dr Robert Burger a few years ago at the football symposium held at Beacon Orthopedics West in Cincinnati In this podcast Dr Burger talks about his background and what led him to the foreground of orthopedic surgery with specialty to sports medicine in the midwest He also speaks about the more prevalent injuries found in athletics today and the rehabilitation of those injuries Dr Burger was a former Notre Dame Fighting Irish football player who worked himself into the starting line-up on a team that had Joe Montana as their starting quarterback The hard work that Burger embraced earned him an opportunity for a National Championship with that squad Years later Dr Burger s son Bobby made the Notre Dame team as a tight end Another son Chris starred at Xavier University in Cincinnati as a Captain of the golf team Meanwhile another so Click here to visit this podcast episode

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