The W-Key Podcast is your weekly one-stop-shop for everything gaming and streaming. Keeping you in the loop with current news, details on new and current games, streamer drama, and our hot takes on all of it! Hosted by @j_Fr05ty and @teckneek, we’re two plebs who love playing video games and following everything in the gaming/streaming industry. We have extensive experience W-Keying, which makes us the perfect hosts for this podcast. As always, remember you can’t spell WIN without W!!!

This podcast currently has episodes the most popular gaming sites and applications for all ages including Fortnite, live streaming games, PSA for Apex players, and more.

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17 episodes!!!

#17 - Games You NEED To Play During Quarantine!!!

Published 04/01/20

#16 - Solo Quarantine Edition!!!

Published 03/18/20

#15 - Coronavirus Vs. Gaming

Published 03/04/20

#14 - Size Does Matter.....

Published 02/19/20

#13 - Knights Of The Old Republic Remake???

Published 02/05/20

#12 - Year Of The Delays!!!

Published 01/22/20

#11 - Ninja Got Jason Garrett Fired?!?!

Published 01/08/20

#10 - Shroud's Losing Viewers!!!

Published 12/25/19

#9 - Ninja Takes On NFL Kickers....

Published 12/11/19

#8 - Google Stadia.....Hard Pass

Published 11/20/19

#7 - COD Is BACK!!!!

Published 11/11/19

#6 - Should Big Streamers Be Banned Like The Rest Of Us?

Published 09/13/19

#5 - Fortnite Is Really F-ing Up!!!!

Published 09/06/19

#4 - PSA To All Apex Players!!!

Published 08/19/19

#2 - What's Your Biggest Video Game Crush?

Published 08/08/19

#1 - Which Streamer Would You Love To Play With?

Published 08/08/19

#3 - What Would You Do With 3 Million Dollars?

Published 08/08/19