Pulling the curtains back and giving audiences a glance behind the scenes in music and sound. The ultimate “Did you know?” of the music industry.

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S3 Ep:07 Wait... Is This Real?

Published 01/28/20

Turned Up (A Little) : Winner Winner Chicken Dinner : Casino Sounds

Published 01/20/20

S3 Ep:06 The Dark Secrets Of SINatra

Published 01/14/20

S3 Ep:05 Things You Didn't Know-Ho-Ho - Live From UNA... (Special Guest: Chad Green)

Published 12/24/19

S3 Ep:04 Too Many Secrets... (Special Guests: EVARIDE)

Published 12/16/19

S3 Ep:03 Endorsement Deals! Strange Ones, Stories, And How To Get Them. (Special Guest: Cory Edward Brown)

Published 12/03/19

S3 Ep:02 From Zero To Hero (Special Guest: Kristine Mirelle)

Published 11/18/19

S3 Ep:01 Their OTHER Jobs!

Published 11/11/19

S2 Ep:23 Bet You Didn't Know THIS!

Published 04/16/19

S2 BONUS Ep With Your BFF Podcast!

Published 04/08/19

S2 Ep:22 You Get What You Pay For... Or Do You?!

Published 04/02/19

S2 Ep:21 Tricks, Secrets, & Lies

Published 03/25/19

S2 Ep:20 Fake It 'Til You Make It!

Published 03/11/19

S2 Ep:19 Don't Be Phony... The REAL Truth Behind Phones

Published 03/04/19

S2 Ep:18 Mind = Blown

Published 02/25/19

S2 Ep:17 Music Murder Mystery - But Why? Sam Cooke's Story.

Published 02/11/19

S2 Ep:16 The 1950s, 16 Candles, & How Times Have Changed For Music

Published 02/04/19

S2 Ep:15 Behind The Scenes At The Awards Show

Published 01/28/19

S2 Ep:14 How A Cartoon Voice Is Born!

Published 01/22/19

S2 Ep:13 WHY Do Commercials Have To Be SO LOUD!?

Published 01/14/19

S2 Ep:12 Dad Jokes... Merry Christmas!

Published 12/17/18

S2 Ep:11 Are Christmas Songs Playing YOU?

Published 12/10/18

S2 Ep:10 The Twelve Days Of WHAT?!

Published 12/03/18

S2 Ep:9 Melophobia... The Fear Of Music

Published 11/26/18

S2 Ep:8 Busterkeys... Walter Busterkeys.

Published 11/20/18

S2 Ep:7 Mind Games - The PERFECT Take! Pt.2

Published 11/12/18

S2 Ep:6 Mind Games - The PERFECT Take! Pt.1

Published 11/05/18

S2 Ep:5 The Scammy's... Are Award Shows Rigged?!

Published 10/29/18

S2 Ep:4 Elvis Is Alive... & So Is Tupac: CONSPIRACIES

Published 10/22/18

S2 Ep:3 It's Only Music, Baby... But Not Really

Published 10/15/18

S2 Ep:2 But Where Do Song Babies Come From?

Published 10/08/18

S2 Ep:1 Autotune: It's Not A Tuna!

Published 10/01/18

Ep:35 *BONUS EPISODE* I Hear Voices...

Published 07/16/18

Ep:34 Who's Your Daddy?... And Why It Matters.

Published 05/09/18

Ep:33 The "CHRISTIAN" Music Industry? Pt.2

Published 04/30/18

Ep:32 The "CHRISTIAN" Music Industry? Pt.1

Published 04/23/18

Ep:31 What Even Is A Record Label Anyway?

Published 04/02/18

Ep:30 Fun Fact! (CRAZY)

Published 03/26/18

Ep:29 The Voice?

Published 03/19/18

Ep:28 Analog Vs Digital... FIGHT!

Published 03/12/18

Ep:27 CDs Are Dead!... Right? Pt.2

Published 03/06/18

Ep:26 CDs Are Dead!... Right? Pt.1

Published 02/26/18

Ep:25 Kayfabe - What Do You Mean It's Not Real?

Published 02/19/18

Ep:24 You Got Your Band Name WHERE?!

Published 02/12/18

Ep:23 Super Bowl - Halftime Laugh Time

Published 02/05/18

Ep:22 Anomalous Anomalies In Sound

Published 01/29/18

Ep:21 No Wonder! Or Is It???

Published 01/24/18

Ep:20 You Want The Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth!

Published 01/15/18

Ep:19 Studio Magic!

Published 01/08/18

Ep:18 That Song Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Published 01/01/18

Ep:17 Bet You Didn't Know Ho Ho

Published 12/18/17

Ep:16 Can They Hear Me Now?

Published 12/11/17

Ep:15 How To Make A #1 Hit Song - Tell Me

Published 12/04/17

Ep:14 Funny Business - The Best & Worst Of...

Published 11/27/17

Ep:13 Muppets To Music - Guy Gilchrist

Published 11/21/17

Ep:12 Frankie MIDAS Muniz (Celebrities Who Jam)

Published 11/13/17

Ep:11 Foley Cow! SOUND FX

Published 11/06/17

Ep:11 Effects Of FX, The Walking Dead Much? [PREVIEW]

Published 10/30/17

Ep:10 Scott [Freakin'] Hamilton (Music In Sports)

Published 10/23/17

Ep:9 UnderCOVER

Published 10/16/17

Ep:8 "Sounds" Good To Me

Published 10/09/17