Where street smart and book smart collide. Fresh from the gritty streets of NYC.Commentary, Interviews & General Banter.

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Episode 23: Enonomous Aka Big Fig

Published 03/25/20

Episode 22: Louie C Rhymes

Published 03/07/20

Episode 21: The Greatest Rapper Alive

Published 02/17/20

Episode 20: Discovering Indie Artists With The Wild Honey Pie.

Published 02/03/20

Episode 19: How To Become A Full-time Artist With Anthony Obas.

Published 01/18/20

Episode 18: Blending Philosophy And Music With JSTNURMIND.

Published 01/06/20

Episode 17: Insights Into The Music Industry With Hall Of Fame Talent Manager, Barry Bergman.

Published 12/17/19

Episode 16: Boom Bap Revival With Rap Duo- Uptown Bodega And Busy Dega.

Published 12/05/19

Episode 15: Inside The Mind Of A Rapper With Special Guest, Nik Moody.

Published 11/21/19

Raw Pod #15:Yearbook

Published 10/12/19