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Feel trapped by your pain, anxiety, or stress that is keeping you from experiencing happiness and living your dreams? Perhaps you’re fed up with your current personal or professional life and looking for a revolutionary change that will stick for the long term. Or maybe you feel you’re already doing great but looking to hit that next level because you know you’re capable of so much more – you just don’t know the HOW. Regardless if it’s your job, a business, relationship or mindset, there is a better way of doing things than you currently are. And the truth is, once you make that breakthrough, it’s like the floodgates open and you are able to see with 100% clarity the exact steps you need to take to achieve greatness.

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You Are Being Brainwashed

Published 10/13/20

The 4 Hour Work Week

Published 10/05/20

The Millennium Question - Is It Your Fault?

Published 09/21/20

Mini Habits

Published 09/08/20

Fix Your SLEEP

Published 09/01/20


Published 08/16/20

Wake Up FRESH - Every Morning

Published 08/07/20

5 Steps To Success

Published 07/30/20

Kill PROCRASTINATION With The 2 Minute Rule

Published 07/24/20

FIX The ONE THING That Is Holding You Back With DR DAVID READING

Published 07/20/20

Fix Your FOCUS

Published 07/16/20

You Are Going To DIE

Published 07/10/20

Hit You Goals Quicker

Published 06/30/20

Whats On My MIND And Why NOW Is The Time

Published 06/25/20

3 Steps To Change Your Brain To Be HAPPY

Published 06/17/20

TRICK Your Brain To Make The HARD Things Become EASY

Published 05/28/20

Change Your Morning And EVERYTHING Will Change In Your Life

Published 05/28/20

Welcome - What Is This Podcast About And Why Did I Start This

Published 05/28/20