Attention experienced corporate presenters, public speakers, professional speakers and pastors.

Do you want to deliver a good, a great or an unforgettable presentation?
Get insights from behind the scenes on some of the most unforgettable presentations ever delivered.

  • What’s the story behind the presentation?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How did they prepare it?
  • How did they execute it?

Join World Champions of Public Speaking, Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix. They have been world-class speaking coaches for over a decade and have trained presenters in over 14 countries. You’ll love their chemistry and wisdom.

What will you hear?
Some episodes will be rock-solid content, some episodes will be interviews with presenters who delivered an unforgettable presentation.

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Episode 88 The Importance Of Mapping Your Area

Published 05/30/20

Episode 87 Principle Reduction Modifications

Published 05/26/20

Episode 86 Mailboxes, Doors, And Lock Boxes

Published 05/23/20

Episode 85 The Short Sale Wave Is Coming

Published 05/19/20

Episode 84 Investor Activity - How To Know You Are In The Right Area

Published 05/16/20

Episode 83 60 Days In - What You Should Be Doing Today

Published 05/13/20

Episode 82 How To Determine If A Homeowner Is Ready

Published 05/09/20

Episode 81 Take Stock Of Where You Are Today

Published 05/05/20

Episode 80 What To Say If A Homeowner Is Angry

Published 05/02/20

Episode 79 First Steps To Take After The Corona Crisis

Published 04/28/20

Episode 78 The Magic Words To Get A Homeowner To Talk To You

Published 04/25/20

Episode 77 We Are In This Together - Words Of Wisdom

Published 04/21/20

Episode 76 How To Handle A Skeptical Homeowner

Published 04/18/20

Episode 75 Top Real Estate Strategy During Corona

Published 04/14/20

Episode 74 What Do Small Churches And Pawn Shops Have In Common

Published 04/11/20

Episode 73 Corona Crisis Update For Real Estate Investors

Published 04/07/20

Episode 72 Investing On The Go

Published 04/04/20

Episode 71 Ayla Asks Questions About How To JV

Published 03/31/20

Episode 70 Pros And Cons Of Rentals

Published 03/24/20

Episode 69 Pros And Cons Of Flipping Houses

Published 03/17/20

Episode 68 Pros And Cons Of Being A Rehabber

Published 03/10/20

Episode 67 Pros And Cons Of Being A Real Estate Investor

Published 03/03/20

Episode 66 Four Super Power Documents

Published 02/25/20

Episode 65 Special Clauses You MUST Know

Published 02/18/20

Episode 64 Your Million Dollar Contract

Published 02/11/20

Episode 63 Stop Walking Over Foreclosures

Published 02/04/20

Episode 62 Ayla Asks Your Most Pressing Questions

Published 01/28/20

Episode 61 Attorneys Who Will Make You Rich

Published 01/21/20

Episode 60 I Have Funding For Double Closings

Published 01/14/20

Episode 59 Treasure Trove

Published 01/07/20

Episode 58 New Beginnings

Published 12/31/19

Episode 57 Build Your House On A Rock

Published 12/24/19

Episode 56 Closing A Deal In Today Cash

Published 12/17/19

Episode 55 Take My FIVE Week Challenge

Published 12/10/19

Episode 54 The FIVE Equities Of Life

Published 12/03/19

Episode 53 Fastest Way To Sell Your Rehab

Published 11/26/19

Episode 52 Where To Spend Rehabbing Dollars

Published 11/19/19

Episode 51 Number ONE Mistake New Rehabbers Make

Published 11/12/19

Episode 50 New Season Of Rehabbing - Must Know Tips

Published 11/05/19

Episode 49 Make Three Creative Offers

Published 09/24/19

Episode 48 How Much Rehab To Do

Published 09/17/19

Episode 47 Hire A Property Manager

Published 09/10/19

Episode 46 Evictions

Published 09/03/19

Episode 45 Dwan's Truth And Selling Rentals.

Published 08/27/19

Episode 44 Pay Off Your Rentals

Published 08/20/19

Episode 43 The Power Of 13

Published 08/13/19

Episode 42 Section 8 Rentals

Published 08/06/19

Episode 41 What Do You Want To Own

Published 07/30/19

Episode 40 Long-Term Rentals

Published 07/23/19

Episode 39 Photograph Your Tenants

Published 07/16/19

Episode 38 The Giant Deposit

Published 07/09/19

Episode 37 Rental Road To Riches

Published 07/02/19

Episode 36 Owner Partnering

Published 06/25/19

Episode 35 Rent To Own

Published 06/18/19

Episode 34 Why Owner Financing

Published 06/11/19

Episode 33 The Dreaded Subject-To

Published 06/04/19

Episode 32 Stepping Into No Equity And HO Partnering

Published 05/28/19

Episode 31 How BK Can Save Your Deal

Published 05/21/19

Episode 30 Closing Your Short Sale Properly

Published 05/14/19

Episode 29 Don't Let The Bank Screw Your HO's

Published 05/07/19

Episode 28 Third And Final Offer

Published 04/30/19

Episode 27 Sex Offenders And Real Estate

Published 04/23/19

Episode 26 Beat The Bank

Published 04/16/19

Episode 25 How To Begin The Short Sale Process

Published 04/09/19

Episode 24 Working The Market As It Levels Down

Published 04/03/19

Episode 23 You Make $30,000 Today

Published 03/26/19

Episode 22 What To Do Leading Up To The Closing Date

Published 03/19/19

Episode 21 Getting Your Buyer Lined Up

Published 03/12/19

Episode 20 Getting The Contract Signed

Published 03/05/19

Episode 19 Birthday Special

Published 02/26/19

Episode 18 Educating The Homeowners

Published 02/19/19

Episode 17 How We, The Investors, Make Money

Published 02/12/19

Episode 16 Face-to-Face With The Homeowner

Published 02/05/19

Episode 15 The Number One Reason Your Business Will Fail

Published 01/29/19

Episode 14 The Mindset Of A Distressed Homeowner

Published 01/22/19

Episode 13 How To Build Instant Rapport With Banks & HO's

Published 01/15/19

Episode 12 Are You Ready To Make $30,000

Published 01/08/19

Episode 11 Happy New Year - A MUST Listen.

Published 01/01/19

Episode 10 My Thought Provoking Christmas Message

Published 12/25/18

Episode 9 Training Your Closing Agent Will Save You Thousands

Published 12/18/18

Episode 8 Finding The GOLDEN Closing Agent

Published 12/11/18

Episode 7 Building Your Million Dollar Landlord List

Published 12/04/18

Episode 6 - How To Build A Million Dollar Buyers List

Published 11/27/18

Episode 5 - Your Contract Is Signed, Now What

Published 11/20/18

Episode 4 - First Steps To Flipping Contracts For $30,000 EACH

Published 11/13/18

Episode 3 - How "Cash For Houses" Signs Will Change Your Career

Published 11/06/18

Episode 2 - The Secret To Finding Distressed Homeowners

Published 10/30/18

Episode 1 - Who, What, And Why Is Dwanderful

Published 10/23/18