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This podcast is for all the educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents out there who want to instill engineering thinking into young people. Listen as we try to find better ways to teach and inspire kids in invention, problem-solving, persistence, teamwork, and imagination.

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Teach The Geek To Speak

Published 03/26/20

Not SXSW Live

Published 03/14/20

Real-World Learning In 2020

Published 03/10/20

This Engineer Is Running For Congress

Published 02/26/20

Leveling Up Your Career In Education

Published 01/26/20

Inventing GPS

Published 01/16/20

Australian Trends In Engineering Education

Published 12/03/19

Q&A With A Chemical Engineer

Published 10/31/19

Career Advice For New Electrical And Software Engineers

Published 09/18/19

Robots For Everyone!

Published 08/31/19

Distributed Programming For Newbies

Published 08/12/19

Cybersecurity And Being Human

Published 07/07/19

Teaching Accessibility By Building Picture Books For The Blind

Published 05/18/19

Educating A Cybersecurity Professional

Published 04/25/19

Highlights Of SXSW Edu 2019

Published 04/09/19

Fixing School Finance

Published 03/12/19

Water Systems With The Army Corps Of Engineers

Published 03/04/19

Artificial Intelligence For Kids

Published 02/25/19

Money, Machines, And More

Published 02/18/19


Published 12/13/18

The Startup Reinventing Invention Kits

Published 11/08/18

Games And Simulations In Construction Engineering

Published 10/23/18

Reaching The High School Girls Who Didn’t See Themselves In Tech

Published 10/08/18

An Architect In The Classroom

Published 09/10/18

A Robot For Developers And Educators

Published 08/16/18

Truth In Storytelling: The Reality Of Teachers’ Lives

Published 08/06/18

Leaving Teaching For Tech

Published 07/30/18

Engineers On Eyes

Published 07/09/18

The Future Of Assessments In Engineering Design

Published 06/24/18

Teaching Science In Prison

Published 06/10/18

Teaching Computer Science Remotely To Kids

Published 05/27/18

Intro To Mechanical Engineering

Published 05/14/18

SXSW EDU Live: Podcasting And Lesson Design

Published 05/01/18

Science Storytelling

Published 04/28/18

SXSW EDU Uncensored: Full Recap

Published 04/16/18

Tracing Brain Circuits For Mental Health

Published 04/08/18

Engineering 101

Published 03/25/18

Autonomous Vehicles, Now And Later

Published 03/14/18

Math Anxiety

Published 02/26/18

Improving Underperforming Schools

Published 11/20/17

Are All-Girls Engineering Classes Different?

Published 10/30/17

Coding Python In Middle School

Published 10/16/17

Visiting Engineers Virtually

Published 10/02/17

Digital Pop Culture For STEM

Published 09/18/17

Mexico Vs. USA

Published 09/10/17

Scouting For Engineering Education

Published 09/04/17

Verification And Validation

Published 08/21/17

Road To Civil Engineering

Published 08/14/17

Raising An Electrical Engineer

Published 08/07/17

Entrepreneurship In Engineering

Published 07/31/17

Skateboard Mechanical Engineering

Published 07/17/17

China Vs. USA

Published 07/10/17

Inside A Startup After-School STEAM Program

Published 07/03/17

Overcoming Struggles

Published 06/20/17

Organizations To Build An Engineering Identity

Published 06/12/17

Engaging Hispanic Students In Engineering

Published 06/05/17

Best Movies For Engineering

Published 05/23/17

An English Teacher's Advice On STEM

Published 05/16/17

Engineers' Favorite Teachers

Published 05/09/17

Active Learning In Computer Science

Published 05/02/17

Teaching Ethics

Published 04/25/17

Aerospace Engineering For Future Pilots

Published 04/18/17

Gaming Culture For Computer Science And Engineering Education

Published 04/11/17

Justice In Engineering Education

Published 03/28/17

New EdTech And More At SXSW

Published 03/21/17

Data Visualization Tips And Tricks

Published 03/07/17

Mobile Game And App Reviews

Published 02/27/17

Orthopaedics Engineering For Kids And Teens

Published 02/21/17

Year In Review/Preview

Published 02/13/17

Autism In The Engineering Classroom

Published 12/20/16

The Nonprofit Push For Girls In Engineering

Published 12/12/16

CAD Vs. Engineering

Published 12/06/16

Better Brainstorming

Published 11/22/16

Own Your Curiosity: High School Reimagined

Published 11/15/16

Ice Cream Engineering

Published 11/08/16

Teacher Dreams And Nightmares

Published 10/24/16

If You Can't Breathe

Published 10/18/16

Much More Than A Social Network

Published 10/11/16

India Vs. USA

Published 09/27/16

Building A Startup In Educational Robotics

Published 09/20/16

Why Engineers Turn Into Teachers

Published 09/13/16

Helping Kids Explore STEM Careers

Published 08/30/16


Published 08/23/16

Engineering Teachers Replicate Themselves, Part 2

Published 08/16/16

Engineering Teachers Replicate Themselves, Part 1

Published 08/09/16

Robot Philanthropy

Published 07/26/16

Going To Conferences

Published 07/19/16

Teaching High School Engineering Better

Published 07/12/16

Teaching Teachers (When You're Not One)

Published 06/28/16

Educational Standards

Published 06/14/16

Why K12 Engineering? (Pilot)

Published 05/31/16