The Jared Dyson Show is a conservative commentary show. Jared is the Editor-in-Chief of The Liberty Loft and started out hosting The Closet Conservative podcast. Due to many requests, this longer form podcast was created. Jared will focus on his commentary on US news, current events and politics. He has some exciting guests ranging from current politicians, conservative thought leaders, religious leaders and more. You do not want to miss out on this exciting conservative show!

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Liz Harrington RNC National Spokesperson Interview

Published 08/05/20

Will The Democrats Forget Joe Biden?

Published 08/04/20

Trump Said What About The Election?!

Published 07/31/20

Violence Rages As America Searches For Something

Published 07/28/20

Bree Warner Interview Special

Published 07/26/20

The Coronavirus Fear That Is Consuming America

Published 07/24/20

Who’s Rights Are More Important Anyway?

Published 07/21/20

The Media Is Looking For A Dictator

Published 07/17/20

Getting The White House In Order

Published 07/14/20

Oh The Plans That Joe Biden Has For America

Published 07/10/20

Joe Biden Is Ashamed Of America

Published 07/07/20

NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby Interview

Published 07/04/20

The Democrats Have Insurance On Their Long Term Plan

Published 07/03/20

They Want To Change Everything About Our Country

Published 06/29/20

Are Republicans Hiding Or Just Spineless?

Published 06/26/20

Two Distinct Leadership Styles, But You Must Choose One

Published 06/23/20

The Agenda Is Becoming Much Clearer

Published 06/19/20

Biden Is Struggling To Maintain Positions

Published 06/12/20

Disbanding The Myths Of The Democrats

Published 06/09/20

Rep. Virginia Foxx - Interview Special

Published 06/06/20

We Have Departed From Our Foundation

Published 06/05/20

Violent Riots Continue Across The Country

Published 06/02/20

Are Social Media Sites Platforms Or Publishers?

Published 05/29/20

Trump Demands Approval For The RNC

Published 05/26/20

Just Say No To Shut Downs

Published 05/22/20

Coronavirus Has Enabled Attacks On Religious Liberty

Published 05/19/20

Dan Forest - Interview Special

Published 05/16/20

It’s Beginning To Look Like Corruption Everywhere

Published 05/15/20

So It Really Was A Democrat Hoax All Along

Published 05/12/20

It’s A Crime To Go About Your Business

Published 05/08/20

The Only Transparency Is In The Plan

Published 05/05/20

Democrats Double Down On Their Double Standards

Published 05/01/20

Nancy Pelosi Suggests That Americans Should Have Been Shut Out

Published 04/28/20

Who Is Really Pushing To Reopen The Economy?

Published 04/24/20

Testing And Protesting Our Lives

Published 04/21/20

As Small Business Is Ignored, Will Socialism Save America?

Published 04/17/20

It’s Time For A Plan To Put This Thing To Rest

Published 04/14/20

The November Showdown Is Set!

Published 04/10/20

How The Coronavirus Has Changed Our Lives And How It Will Not

Published 04/05/20

The Electoral College And Why It Matters

Published 04/05/20

The Jared Dyson Show Introduction

Published 04/05/20