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Episode 18: Introducing Grab The Map Education

Published 04/28/20

Episode 17: Guy Quits His Job For Full-Time Real Estate

Published 04/21/20

Episode 16: Mentoring Other Real Estate Investors

Published 04/14/20

Episode 15: What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen

Published 04/07/20

Episode 14: The CoronaVirus And The Real Estate Market

Published 03/31/20

Episode 13: How Running A Real Estate Business Is Like Running A Marathon

Published 12/11/19

Episode 12: Being Married To An Investor

Published 12/04/19

Episode 11: This Guy Did His First Deal With His 401k

Published 11/27/19

Episode 10: Deals I'm Doing Now!

Published 11/20/19

Episode 9: A 5 Year Tells Us The Importance Of Money

Published 11/05/19

Episode 8: Having Friends That Are Investors

Published 10/29/19

Episode 7: A 7 Year Old Investor In The Making

Published 10/22/19

Episode 6: How To Make The Bank Never Say No

Published 10/15/19

Episode 5: Your Network Is Your Networth

Published 10/09/19

Episode 4: Learning By Doing As A Real Estate Investor

Published 07/16/19

Episode 3: One Thing After Another

Published 07/09/19

Episode 2: Growing Fast Takes A Ton Of Work: My Personal Story

Published 07/03/19

Episode 1: If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It!

Published 06/12/19