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Black Lives Don’t Matter To Democrats

Published 05/30/20

Mainstream Media And Democrats Give Biden A Free Pass

Published 05/23/20

Pelosi’s New Bill Will Kill Our Nation For Generations

Published 05/16/20

Frivolous Spending And Foolish Lies - All In A Dem’s Days Work

Published 05/09/20

Government Cannot Spend Their Way Out Of This Pandemic

Published 05/02/20

As American’s Grow Frustrated, Where Will Joe Biden Turn?

Published 04/25/20

Another Week Of Mindless Democratic Ignorance

Published 04/18/20

More Stimulus More Problems - Democrats Want More Slush Fund

Published 04/11/20

Coronavirus Will Not Shut Down America

Published 04/04/20

Can Money Buy Happiness? Congress Hopes So

Published 03/28/20

In Times Like These, We Need To Show Our Resolve

Published 03/21/20

Coronavirus Hype From The Media Is Bringing Down The Economy

Published 03/14/20

Coronavirus - What’s With All The Hype?

Published 02/29/20

Rep. Patrick McHenry - Conservative Conversations

Published 02/22/20

The Democrats Version Of Freedom Really Isn’t Freedom

Published 02/15/20

Trump Triggers The Left Yet Again

Published 02/08/20

The Senate Says No As American’s Expect No Less

Published 02/01/20

Chad Brown - Conservative Conversations

Published 01/25/20

Cheating And Lying - It’s Just Our Society Anymore

Published 01/18/20

The Government’s Here To Help

Published 01/11/20

Conversations With Bree Michael Warner

Published 01/04/20

Looking To 2020

Published 12/28/19

The ACLU Attack On Men’s Restrooms

Published 12/21/19

Concerns For America’s Youth

Published 12/14/19

The Looming Senate Showdown

Published 12/07/19

It’s Difficult Being Thankful

Published 11/30/19

America’s Culture War

Published 11/23/19

Democrats Just Don’t Understand

Published 11/16/19

Whistling Through Impeachment

Published 11/09/19

Interview With Sandy Smith

Published 11/02/19

Conservative Conversations With Emma Jimenez

Published 10/26/19

Who Will Save The Democrats?

Published 10/19/19

Interview With Rev Franklin Graham

Published 10/12/19

Conservative Conversations With Eric Wright #2

Published 10/05/19

The Truth About Ukraine

Published 09/28/19

Pastor Pete Buttigieg

Published 09/21/19

Gun Grabbing Democrats

Published 09/14/19

The Truth About Socialism

Published 09/07/19

What Is Really In The Polls?

Published 08/24/19

They Are Never Going To Change

Published 08/17/19

Democrats - America’s Moral Authority

Published 08/10/19

Conservative Conversations W/ Guest Eric Wright

Published 08/03/19

All About BDS

Published 07/27/19

The Left’s Suicide Squad

Published 07/20/19

The Untold Story Of $15 Minimum Wage

Published 07/13/19

In The End, We Are ALL Americans

Published 07/06/19

The Democrat’s Border Blame Game

Published 06/29/19

Divisive Democrats

Published 06/22/19

Conservative Speech Under Attack

Published 06/15/19

The Value Of Human Life

Published 06/08/19

Georgia Should Not Back Down

Published 06/01/19

Maybe It Is The Democrats Fault

Published 05/25/19

Abortion Law - The New Hot Topic

Published 05/18/19

Democrats - The Party Of Tolerance

Published 05/11/19

Episode 2

Published 05/06/19

Episode 1

Published 05/06/19