Brian Bogart, Neeraj Srinivasan, and Dan Nadeau pick apart Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” 16 years after it first premiered on NBC. What insights do three boozy friends have about a show that launched the political career of a demagogue? Listen and subscribe to find out!

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The Ultimate Grand Finale Exploda-ganza Part Last One Ever

Published 11/23/20

S02E04: Flyer Girl Is All Upset

Published 11/03/20

S02E03: Make The River The Color Of Toothpaste

Published 10/19/20

S2E02: I've Been Sneezed Upon!

Published 10/12/20

S02E01: Do You Guys Think We Won?

Published 10/05/20

Season 1 Reunion: That's Good Virtue

Published 09/21/20

Season 1 Finale: Hey, I'm Stuck With Two Guys

Published 09/15/20

S01E12: "Oy Vey" Is My Favorite Word Now

Published 09/09/20

S01E11: Nick, Where Are You Sleeping?

Published 08/31/20

S01E10: Is That Woman On Woman?

Published 08/27/20

S01E09: Whoa. Tough Problems.

Published 08/10/20

S01E08: That's Where King Kong Climbed Up

Published 08/03/20

Interview With Bowie Hogg

Published 07/20/20

S01E07: Reminds Me Of My Mom

Published 07/13/20

S01E06: What Have You Been Drinking Tonight?

Published 07/06/20

Interview With Sam Solovey

Published 06/29/20

S01E05: Is That A Pigeon?

Published 06/22/20

S01E04: Borderline Gray And You Know It

Published 06/15/20

S01E03: Didn't Come Here To Make Friends

Published 06/06/20

S01E02: Calling The Kettle Black

Published 06/01/20

S01E01: I Got Genetic Pool

Published 05/30/20