I was trained in development economics. I am affiliated with no one; associated with no one; identified with nothing. My monologues summarize my reading of human reality; review of human history. Their purpose is to make people aware of the unbearable economic costs of violence, corruption, and prejudice; the untold economic benefits of nonviolence, altruism, and tolerance. They explain why ideology is idiocy, dictatorship is primitive, and flawed democracy is a con game. America’s democracy is a flawed democracy, which the powerful use to scam the powerless. Only a flawless democracy undergirded by nonviolence, altruism, and tolerance will eliminate poverty. Humanity cannot become civilized and eliminate poverty without eschewing violence, corruption, and prejudice. Violence, corruption, and prejudice are the sole cause of humanity’s never-ending poverty. My name is irrelevant, though what I say is consequential.

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Episode 17: Managed Capitalism (cont'd)

Published 12/07/19

Episode 16: Managed Capitalism

Published 12/05/19

Episode 15: Economics Of Civilized Citizenship

Published 12/03/19

Episode 14: Neglect Of Conventional Economics

Published 12/01/19

Episode 13: Education On Uncivilized Citizenship (cont'd)

Published 11/29/19

Episode 12: Education On Uncivilized Citizenship (cont'd)

Published 11/20/19

Episode 11: Education On Uncivilized Citizenship (cont'd)

Published 11/19/19

Episode 10: Education On Uncivilized Citizenship

Published 11/17/19

Episode 9: Need For Economic Development (cont'd)

Published 11/16/19

Episode 8: Need For Economic Development (cont'd)

Published 11/15/19

Episode 7: Need For Economic Development (cont'd)

Published 11/14/19

Episode 6: Ideology. Despotism. Flawed Democracy (cont'd)

Published 11/13/19

Episode 5: Nonviolence. Altruism. Tolerance / Ideology. Despotism. Flawed Democracy.

Published 11/12/19

Episode 4: Violence. Corruption. Prejudice. (cont'd)

Published 11/11/19

Episode 3: Cause Of Poverty (cont'd)/Human Misfortune/Violence. Corruption. Prejudice.

Published 11/03/19

Episode 2: Cause Of Poverty

Published 11/02/19

Episode 1: Prologue & Synopsis

Published 11/01/19