Are you done with the system? Are you looking for something more? What is this thing called “spirituality” anyway? No matter where you are on your journey, Soul Seekr is right there with you. Tune in with the now awakened SwagSam to hear interviews with both experts and friends alike. We’ll be going below the surface, we’ll be opening up, we’ll get in touch with how we really feel. And we’ll be doing it together!

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9 episodes!!!

#9: Realigning With Your Why (Solo)

Published 10/20/19

#8: Consciously Speaking With Michael Neeley

Published 10/13/19

#7: Questing The Path You’re On (Solo)

Published 10/07/19

#6: Power Of Breathwork W/ Aluna Healing

Published 09/30/19

#5: Trading Tears For Laughs W/ Comedian MIke Eaton

Published 09/10/19

#4: Balancing Spirituality & Materialism W/ Christina G.

Published 09/03/19

#3: Healing Powers Of Plant Medicine W/ Mareesa S.

Published 08/23/19

#2: AYAHUASCA: What Is It & How It Heals.

Published 08/22/19

Pilot: SOUL / Life Balance, Ayahuasca & What To Expect

Published 07/29/19