Welcome to Seth Farbman on Podcast, “From Start-Up to Stock Exchange”. Seth Farbman is an entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies and has completed several successful exits. Want to relate to the high and low experiences of rejections? What does it take to go from an idea in a basement to managing 120 employees with multiple locations? As someone who has serviced thousands of private and publicly traded companies over 20 years, on this podcast you’ll find a winning mix of personal thoughts and professional experiences with a goal to provide practical tools and strategy on topics such as launching and growing a company, marketing and self branding on LinkedIn as well as insights to the going public process on the OTC, Nasdaq and NYSE.

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Seth Farbman & Bob Burg Interview

Published 01/22/20

Q&A - Everything You Wanted To Know About Capital Markets But Were Afraid To Ask!

Published 11/26/19

Are You Doing Enough Due Diligence On The Principles/board Prior To Your Next IPO?

Published 11/12/19

Listen To This If You Want To Learn More About SPAC IPO Transactions!

Published 10/07/19

Seth Farbman Interview W Dan Mcclory, Managing Director And Head Of Equity Capital Markets, Head Of China At Boustead Securities

Published 09/25/19

Big News - You Are Ready To Graduate From The OTC Markets To NASDAQ! What You Need To Know.

Published 09/10/19

The Journey From Sales To CEO, Interview With Adam Rudman, CEO Of Vcheck Global

Published 07/22/19

Seth With CEO Anthony Mack On Launching A BioPharma Company From Startup To Stock Exchange

Published 12/19/18

At Tribeworks Conference 2018: The DNA Of An Entrepreneur, Startup Ideas, Execution And Growth.

Published 11/26/18

Seth Farbman With Pubco CEO, Vic Shvetsky From Quartarad (QURT).

Published 08/01/18

PLOP PLOP FIZ FIZ: Seth Farbman Sits With Mobile Ad Tech Company JINGLZ

Published 08/01/18

Talking Security Token Offerings, Exchanges, Token Agents And – Liquidity, Liquidity, Liquidity.

Published 07/10/18

Seth Farbman Interviews AlphaPoint Technology (OTC:APPO) CEO, Gary Macleod And CTO, James Whelan

Published 06/25/18

The Recipe: Cannabis, Crypto, Mobile Payments And Online Sports Betting - A NYC Chat With Greg And Will From Single Point

Published 05/25/18

Seth Farbman Interviews Jonah Meer, CEO Of QRONS Inc.

Published 05/16/18

Seth Farbman Interviews Nicholas Campanella, Founder Of Sun Pacific

Published 05/04/18

Navigating The Waters Of Depositing Microcap Stocks

Published 04/18/18

How To Use LinkedIn For Private And Public Companies

Published 03/29/18

Combination Of Technology And Regulation When Dealing With Stocks And Bonds

Published 03/22/18

Seth Farbman - Interview At The NASDAQ

Published 03/15/18

Class On Entrepreneurship Touro College March 2018

Published 03/07/18