Attention experienced corporate presenters, public speakers, professional speakers and pastors.

Do you want to deliver a good, a great or an unforgettable presentation?
Get insights from behind the scenes on some of the most unforgettable presentations ever delivered.

  • What’s the story behind the presentation?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How did they prepare it?
  • How did they execute it?

Join World Champions of Public Speaking, Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix. They have been world-class speaking coaches for over a decade and have trained presenters in over 14 countries. You’ll love their chemistry and wisdom.

What will you hear?
Some episodes will be rock-solid content, some episodes will be interviews with presenters who delivered an unforgettable presentation.

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Episode 44: 5 Tips For Ranking For Near Me Searches In 2019

Published 09/24/19

Episode 43: The Past, Present And Future Of Link Building

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Episode 42: We Discuss Structured Data With Huckabuy CEO Geoff Atkinson

Published 08/28/19

Episode 41: Expert SEO Matthew Woodward Joins Us

Published 08/13/19

Episode 40: We Respond To SEO Spam Emails

Published 07/29/19

Episode 39: Top 10 Must Have Elements For A High Ranking Location Page

Published 07/20/19

Episode 38: How To Use Schema For SEO

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Episode 37: How To Build An SEO Department In 2019

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Episode 36: How To Get More Google Reviews In 2019

Published 06/25/19

Episode 35: How To Stay On Top Of SEO Trends As A Business Owner

Published 06/15/19

Episode 34: How To Make SEO Niche Content In 2019

Published 06/07/19

Episode 33: The 2019 Answer Questions From The SEO Reddit Edition

Published 05/30/19

Episode 32: We Review The New Paid Google My Business Features

Published 05/15/19

Episode 31: Why And How To Start Doing Webinars

Published 05/09/19

Episode 30: How To Do Freelance SEO For A Living

Published 05/03/19

Episode 29: How To Get SEO Content For Free Or Super Cheap

Published 04/29/19

Episode 28: How To Prioritize SEO Tasks

Published 04/19/19

Episode 27: How To Optimize For Voice Search In 2019

Published 04/08/19

Episode 26: The No SEO Celebration Episode

Published 04/03/19

Episode 25: Recovering From Google Algo Update

Published 03/21/19

Episode 24: White Hat And Black Hat Link Building In 2019

Published 03/11/19

Episode 23: How To Create Content Funnels With SEO

Published 02/27/19

Episode 22: SEO Questions From Reddit Part 3

Published 02/20/19

Episode 21: How To Set Up A Facebook Ad Account

Published 02/10/19

Episode 20: Awesome New Google My Business Features For 2019

Published 01/25/19

Episode 19: Large Scale Link Building In 2019

Published 01/19/19

Episode 18: Our SEO Horror Stories

Published 12/08/18

Episode 17: How To Do SEO Keyword Research In 2019

Published 11/26/18

Episode 16: SEO Questions From Reddit Answered Part 2!

Published 11/08/18

Episode 15: How To Do Local Linkbuilding In 2018

Published 10/24/18

Episode 14: The Burnt Out On SEO Work Fun Episode

Published 10/16/18

Episode 13: Building A SEO Friendly Website From Scratch In 2018

Published 09/12/18

Episode 12: How To Find High Authority Domains For Free

Published 08/16/18

Episode 11: The Ultimate Checklist To On-boarding An SEO Client

Published 08/02/18

Episode 10: The 5 SEO Lies Google Tells People

Published 07/25/18

Episode 9: Paul And Ryan Answer SEO Questions From Reddit

Published 07/12/18

Episode 8: Why You Should Be Doing Video SEO And How To Rank In Youtube

Published 07/08/18

Episode 7: Companies That All SEOs Should Hate

Published 06/24/18

Episode 6: How To Fix Poor Performing SEO Content

Published 06/12/18

Episode 5: How To Do Local SEO And Black Hat Stuff

Published 06/07/18

Episode 4: How To Outsource SEO Tasks

Published 06/02/18

Episode 3: How To Send Other SEOs Business Leads

Published 05/11/18

Episode 2: All Of Our SEO Business Idea Failures

Published 05/01/18