My podcast features interviews with actors and creators of Sci-Fi, horror, comic and fantasy movies, novels, and television content. Interviews run on Mondays (uploaded Sundays) and later in the week is my weekly magazine interview podcast, Time Capsule. (Uploaded on Thursday evenings) . Coverage includes the Tribeca Film Festival, New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con. Monthly on Wednesdays airs a pop and geek culture podcast called Everything Geek with Tim Beyers of The Full Bleed, Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy and Rod Faulkner of The Seventh Matrix. There’ are also a monthly recap of all the previous months interviews featured on Time Capsule plus several best of podcasts available Wednesdays

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Byte Zazie Beetz Of Joker

Published 09/21/19

Byte Hamilton Alstatt

Published 09/20/19

Byte Dimension 20

Published 09/20/19

Byte Brad Pitt Ad Astra

Published 09/20/19

Byte Joaquin Phoenix On Joker

Published 09/20/19

Ernie Altbacker Batman Hush

Published 09/19/19

Batman Hush Maury Sterling And Bruce Thomas

Published 09/19/19

Emergence Special

Published 09/18/19

Byte Burton, Spiner, And Frakes

Published 09/17/19

Bye New Series Previews

Published 09/17/19

Byte Ann Hornaday On Joker

Published 09/16/19

Undone Special

Published 09/15/19

Byte Bear Walker

Published 09/14/19

Byte The Mandalorian 2

Published 09/14/19

Byte Danai Gurira

Published 09/13/19

Byte It Chapter Two Red Carpet

Published 09/13/19

Dimension 20

Published 09/12/19

Amie Wright ALA

Published 09/11/19

Byte Rise Of The Skywalker 1

Published 09/10/19

Byte Barbara Muschietti On It Chapter Two

Published 09/10/19

Byte The Mandalorian 1

Published 09/09/19

Byte Andy Muschietti It Chapter Two

Published 09/09/19

Jeff Annison Legion M's Saturn Award

Published 09/08/19

Byte Eric Bauza

Published 09/07/19

Byte Adult Cast Of It Chapter Two

Published 09/07/19

Byte Tim Allen

Published 09/06/19

Byte Young Cast Of It Chapter Two

Published 09/06/19

Time Capsule Episode 356

Published 09/05/19

Mona May

Published 09/04/19

Byte Daniel Craig

Published 09/03/19

Byte Keanu Reeves

Published 09/02/19

HJ Ramsey Ever Alice

Published 09/01/19

Byte Barbara Broccoli And Michael G Wilson

Published 08/31/19

Byte Rachel Weiz And David Harbour

Published 08/30/19

Byte Carnival Row

Published 08/30/19

Game Changers Episode 1 Ray Harryhausen

Published 08/29/19

Trends Episode 1 Superheroes

Published 08/28/19

Byte Tom Hanks

Published 08/27/19

Byte Scarlett Johansson And Kevin Feige

Published 08/26/19

Alitha Martinez

Published 08/25/19

Byte Manu Intiraymi

Published 08/24/19

Byte Bear McCreary

Published 08/23/19

Matt Peters And Alyson Stoner Talk Batman Family Values

Published 08/22/19

Noah Huntley

Published 08/21/19

Byte Tricia Helfer

Published 08/20/19

Byte Gareth Edwards

Published 08/19/19

Bear Walker

Published 08/18/19

Byte Andre Ovredal Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Published 08/17/19

Byte James Bobin Dora The Explorer And The Lost City Of Gold

Published 08/16/19

Melissa Bruning

Published 08/15/19

Ryan Graff Black Moon

Published 08/14/19

Byte Aleks Paunovic

Published 08/13/19

Manu Intiraymi

Published 08/11/19

Byte Isabella Moner Dora The Explorer And The Lost City Of Gold

Published 08/10/19

Byte Zoe Colletti Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Published 08/10/19

Byte Undentified Part Two

Published 08/10/19

Byte Eva Longoria And Michael Pena

Published 08/09/19

Byte Guillermo Del Toro Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Published 08/09/19

Anna Drubich Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Published 08/08/19

Lawson Deming

Published 08/07/19

Byte Roger Corman

Published 08/06/19

Natalie Bronfman The Handmaid's Tale

Published 08/04/19

Byte Greg Nicotero

Published 08/03/19

Byte Unidentified

Published 08/02/19

Time Capsule Episode 355

Published 08/01/19

Jason O'Mara

Published 07/31/19

Byte Meghan Kasperlik

Published 07/30/19

Jack Bannon Of Pennyworth

Published 07/28/19

Byte Rosa Salazar

Published 07/27/19

Byte Melissa Benoist

Published 07/26/19

Greg Nicotero

Published 07/25/19

Meghan Kasperlik

Published 07/24/19

Byte Dee Wallace On The New Critters

Published 07/23/19

Cosette Jarrett On Top States For UFO Sightings

Published 07/21/19

Byte Billy Boyd

Published 07/21/19

Byte Chandler Riggs And Andrew Lincoln

Published 07/20/19

Byte Donald Glover On The Themes Of The Lion King

Published 07/20/19

Byte Jon Watts

Published 07/20/19

Byte Moon Landing

Published 07/20/19

Byte Donald Glover On Lion King

Published 07/19/19

Byte Rob Legato On New Effects Of Lion King

Published 07/19/19


Published 07/18/19

Byte Matt Smith

Published 07/18/19

Byte Mark Hamill

Published 07/17/19

Dr Amira Val Baker

Published 07/17/19

Byte Jake Gyllenhaal

Published 07/16/19

Byte Jewel Stait

Published 07/15/19

Kwanza Osajyefo

Published 07/14/19

Byte Dee Wallace On Returning To Critters Attack

Published 07/12/19

Byte Patric Caird

Published 07/12/19

SR Atkinson

Published 07/11/19

Alicia Malone

Published 07/10/19

Byte Driven

Published 07/09/19

Concept Artists Association

Published 07/07/19

Byte Michael Emerson

Published 07/06/19

Time Capsule Episode 354

Published 07/04/19

Byte Alicia Malone

Published 07/02/19

Byte Dr Amira Val Baker On Time Travel

Published 07/02/19

Byte George RR Martin

Published 06/29/19

Neville Kidd

Published 06/26/19

Byte: Concept Artists Association

Published 06/25/19

Dennis E Taylor

Published 06/20/19

Samir Ansari

Published 06/19/19

Bo Welch

Published 06/16/19

Seven Jane

Published 06/13/19

Richard LeMay

Published 06/09/19

Time Capsule Episode 353

Published 06/06/19

Patric Caird

Published 06/05/19

Memory The Origins Of Alien

Published 06/02/19

Good Omens Special

Published 05/30/19

Something Else Special

Published 05/29/19

Tribeca Red Carpets 2019

Published 05/26/19

Hunting Season

Published 05/23/19

The Shipment

Published 05/22/19

Tribeca VR 2019

Published 05/19/19

Jennifer Reeder

Published 05/16/19

Matthew Binder

Published 05/15/19

Master Of Dark Shadows Dan Curtis

Published 05/09/19


Published 05/05/19

Ann Hornaday On Avengers Endgame

Published 05/04/19

Robert Greenberger

Published 04/28/19

Tim Disney

Published 04/24/19

Valarie Pettiford

Published 04/21/19

Cory Doctorow

Published 04/18/19

Douglas Tait

Published 04/14/19

Girl With No Name

Published 04/11/19

Voyage To The Stars

Published 04/10/19

Tom Stevens

Published 03/24/19

David Hasselhoff

Published 03/21/19

Sharon Shinn

Published 03/20/19


Published 03/14/19

The Elder Sign Podcast

Published 03/03/19


Published 02/28/19

Seth Breedlove

Published 02/17/19

Peter Clines

Published 02/13/19

Jennifer Riker

Published 02/07/19

Reign Of The Supermen Special

Published 02/03/19

Star Trek Discovery Special Part Two

Published 01/27/19

The Magicians Season Four

Published 01/23/19

Murderville GA

Published 01/17/19

Star Trek Discovery Special

Published 01/13/19

James Abbott

Published 01/10/19

William Fichtner

Published 12/16/18

Aleks Paunovic

Published 12/06/18

Eric Bromberg

Published 12/02/18

Debbie Rochon

Published 11/29/18

Batman The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Episode 3

Published 11/15/18

Bill Oliver

Published 11/14/18

Prospect Special

Published 11/01/18

Twilight At Ten Special

Published 10/31/18

Titans Season One Special

Published 10/21/18

Sonequa Martin-Green

Published 10/14/18

Marc McClure

Published 09/23/18

Science Fair Podcast

Published 08/29/18

The Death Of Superman Voice Cast

Published 08/19/18

Death Of Superman: Behind The Scenes

Published 08/12/18

Barney Burman

Published 07/01/18

Inkstories: Firescape VR

Published 06/24/18

Dan Curry

Published 06/20/18

Jeff Russo

Published 06/17/18

Batman The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Episode 2

Published 05/20/18

Tribeca Shorts: Into The Void

Published 05/17/18

Seth Breedlove

Published 05/08/18

Neil Clarke

Published 04/29/18

Kurt Farquhar

Published 04/22/18

Michael A. Levine

Published 04/04/18

Siren's Eline Powell

Published 04/01/18

Larry Nemecek The Trek Files

Published 02/18/18

Harry Lennix

Published 01/28/18

Brittany Curran

Published 01/21/18

Batman The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Episode One

Published 01/14/18

Superhero Composers Roundtable

Published 08/27/17

Sense's 8 Tina Desai And Max Riemelt

Published 07/30/17

Sarah Douglas

Published 06/11/17

The Endless At Tribeca Film Festival 2017

Published 05/14/17

American Gods Season One Special

Published 04/30/17

Neil Gaiman

Published 04/23/17

Chris Longo Of Den Of Geek

Published 02/21/17

Aleks Paunovic

Published 12/04/16

Return Of The Caped Crusaders Special

Published 11/20/16

Kelly Overton

Published 09/18/16

Barry Bostwick

Published 07/10/16

Here Alone Cast

Published 05/29/16

Adrian Paul On The Sword Experience

Published 04/03/16

Deadpool's Stefan Kapicic

Published 02/13/16

Manu Bennett

Published 01/10/16

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 7

Published 11/22/15

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 6

Published 10/18/15

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 5

Published 10/12/15

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 4

Published 10/04/15

Fear The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 2

Published 09/06/15

Fear The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 1

Published 08/23/15

William Hurt

Published 07/03/15

Mr Robot

Published 06/21/15

Kevin Conroy

Published 05/22/15

Lea Thompson

Published 05/08/15

Brad Dourif

Published 05/01/15

James Doohan

Published 04/24/15

Amanda Tapping

Published 04/17/15

Matt Frewer

Published 03/30/15

Kenneth Johnson

Published 03/22/15

Ernie Hudson

Published 03/13/15

Journey Of The Dead Episode 2

Published 02/13/15

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 3

Published 02/08/15

Journey Of The Dead

Published 02/07/15

Michael Welch Of Z Nation

Published 11/09/14

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 2

Published 11/02/14

Rian Johnson And Nathan Johnson

Published 10/01/14

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 1

Published 09/21/14

Doug Jones

Published 07/28/14

Richard Hatch

Published 07/16/14

John Ottman

Published 06/29/14

Tricia Helfer

Published 06/25/14

Marc And Steffan Fantini

Published 06/08/14

The Signal

Published 05/19/14

Doctor Who At 50 Premium Edition

Published 11/21/13

Eljiah Wood And Franck Khalfoun

Published 06/30/13

John Ottman

Published 06/26/13

Neil Jordan

Published 06/25/13

Kevin Kiner

Published 06/17/13

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Published 05/22/13

Ray Harryhausen

Published 05/15/13

Mark Hamill

Published 03/25/13

Anthony Daniels

Published 02/27/13

Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 4

Published 10/29/12

Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 3

Published 10/22/12

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 2

Published 10/17/12

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 1

Published 10/15/12

Amanda Tapping

Published 10/10/12

My Soul To Take

Published 09/12/12

Star Wars Clones Wars At SDCC

Published 08/22/12

Hunger Games On DVD

Published 08/20/12

Lance Reddick

Published 07/16/12

James Marsters

Published 06/20/12

Wonder Woman

Published 06/06/12

Dolph Lundgren

Published 05/23/12

Dark Shadows

Published 05/16/12

Mark Pellegrino

Published 04/30/12

The Walking Dead

Published 03/26/12

Brian Downey

Published 03/21/12

Greg Grunberg

Published 03/14/12

Robert Patrick

Published 03/07/12

Michael Shanks

Published 02/29/12

Paul Dini

Published 02/22/12

Leonard Nimoy

Published 12/28/11

Jimmy Palmiotti

Published 12/14/11

Roger Corman

Published 11/09/11

Trek Memories Part 3

Published 09/21/11

Trek Memories Volume 2

Published 08/31/11

Trek Memories Volume 1

Published 08/10/11

Dune Revisited

Published 07/20/11

Joss Whedon

Published 07/06/11

Billy Boyd

Published 06/29/11

Jewel Staite

Published 06/15/11

Andrew Robinson And Alexander Siddig

Published 06/08/11

Michael Emerson

Published 06/01/11

George R.R. Martin - A Game Of Thrones

Published 04/20/11

Gareth Edwards

Published 11/29/10