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Non-Union Films: Empire Records

Published 06/25/18

HistoryCast 5000: Lawrence Of Arabia

Published 05/31/18

Non-Union Films: The Big Bus

Published 05/14/18

Script Bandits: Second Pacific Squadron

Published 04/23/18

Very Local History: Make It Rain

Published 04/09/18

Non-Union Films: Blue Velvet

Published 03/19/18

HistoryCast 5000: JFK

Published 03/12/18

Script Bandits: La Maupin

Published 02/26/18

Non-Union Films: Weekend At Bernie’s

Published 02/12/18

Very Local History: Waffle House Coming Soon

Published 01/29/18

HistoryCast 5000: Sink The Bismarck!

Published 01/15/18

Holiday Special: Revenge Of Dawson’s Creek

Published 12/20/17

Very Local History: It’s Always Sunny At The Ammunition Depot

Published 12/01/17

Non-Union Films: Firestarter

Published 10/11/17

Very Local History: Stuff In The Water

Published 08/10/17

Non-Union Films: Raw Deal Redux

Published 07/06/17

Very Local History: History Break At Greenfield Lake

Published 05/30/17

Holiday Special: A One Tree Hill Of Beans

Published 05/05/17

Very Local History: Don’t Need No Permit To Hermit

Published 04/07/17

Non-Union Films: King Kong Lives

Published 03/10/17

Very Local History: Bizarro Wilmington

Published 02/02/17

Holiday Special: A Very Creeky Episode

Published 01/02/17

Non-Union Films: Shock Waves

Published 10/25/16

Very Local History: The Shipbuilding Epoch

Published 10/05/16

Non-Union Films: Cyborg

Published 09/01/16

Very Local History: Missile Tower Threatdown

Published 06/24/16

Welcome To Midmost Coast

Published 03/28/16