Marketing Jam is a marketing podcast featuring the brightest minds in Canadian marketing and hosted by the Principal of Jelly Digital Marketing and P.R., Darian Kovacs and Shaheed Devji.

On the show, Darian aims to unearth tips, tricks, and insights from the best marketers from Canada and around the world, and also discusses pertinent industry news.

Jelly is a Digital Marketing and PR firm located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia providing Digital Ads, Social Media and Public Relations services to clients Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and across Canada and this is their podcast!

This is a Professional podcast!
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Anne De Aragon (GoDaddy)

Published 10/19/20

Eric Morris (Google)

Published 10/14/20

Tony Chapman

Published 10/09/20

Malcolm Gladwell - "The Original Marketing Jam"

Published 10/01/20

Krystal Taing (Uberall)

Published 09/28/20

Oli Gardner (Unbounce)

Published 09/21/20

Guy Kawasaki

Published 09/14/20

David Heinemeier Hansson (Basecamp)

Published 09/08/20

Kendall Ansell (Belle Construction)

Published 09/04/20

CANADA POST SPECIAL - Esmé Rottschafer (INCITE Magazine)

Published 09/02/20

Cameron Uganec (Later)

Published 08/31/20

Special Edition: The BCAMA Panel

Published 08/27/20

Britney Muller (Moz)

Published 08/21/20

Mary Ng (Minister Of Small Business, Export Promotion And International Trade)

Published 08/17/20

Jed Schneiderman (EQ Works)

Published 08/10/20

Samuel G. Leroux (SOLIOS Watches) - French Version

Published 08/04/20

Geoffrey Colon (Microsoft)

Published 07/20/20

Ian Rosen (Harry Rosen)

Published 07/13/20

Will & Shoshauna Routley (Healthy Hooch Kombucha)

Published 07/06/20

Joe Gagliese (Viral Nation)

Published 06/30/20

Shaheed Devji (Unanchored)

Published 06/26/20

Conner Galway (Junction Consulting)

Published 06/22/20

YVRPR (Black Lives Matter Allyship Conversation)

Published 06/15/20

Fatima Israel (EY)

Published 06/15/20

Alexandre Desabrais (SOLIOS Watches)

Published 06/01/20

Hilton Barbour (

Published 05/25/20

Megan Jackson & Conar Fair (One Peak Creative)

Published 05/19/20

Daryl Louie (Anti Social / Thinkingbox)

Published 05/11/20

Bernadette Butler (Story Tap)

Published 05/04/20

Ken Steele (Eduvation)

Published 04/20/20

Judith Lewis (Canadian Search Awards)

Published 04/13/20

Lizz Kannenberg (Sprout Social)

Published 04/08/20

Frank Palmer (Thinc Enterprises Inc.)

Published 04/02/20

Hamza Nasir (LiveAdmins)

Published 03/30/20

Ryan Gill (The Gathering / Communo)

Published 03/23/20

Christina Crook (JOMO)

Published 02/10/20

William Johnson (Innovate BC)

Published 02/03/20

Victor Tang (Fresh Prep)

Published 01/27/20

Sandy Pell (Vidyard)

Published 01/20/20

Ron Tite (Church+State)

Published 01/13/20

Brian Scudamore (1-800-GOT-JUNK)

Published 01/09/20

Diana Lucaci (True Impact)

Published 12/30/19

Courtney Lawrence (lululemon)

Published 12/16/19

Nick Routley (Visual Capitalist)

Published 12/11/19

Andrew Au (Intercept Group)

Published 12/02/19

Ryan Stevens (Clutch) - 100th Episode!

Published 11/20/19

Angie Dosanjh (BDC)

Published 11/15/19

Anne Coqueugniot (Yellow Pages)

Published 11/04/19

Jeff Lohnes (Talent Bureau)

Published 10/21/19

Tim Soulo (Ahrefs)

Published 10/15/19

Claudia Seti (Spotify)

Published 09/30/19

Hayley Woodin (Business In Vancouver)

Published 09/24/19

Andy Crestodina (Orbit Media)

Published 09/16/19

Mike Mark (Adobe)

Published 09/09/19

Craig Patterson (Retail Insider)

Published 08/27/19

Chris Hoag (Bing)

Published 08/19/19

Cybele Negris (

Published 08/13/19

Spencer Callaghan (CIRA)

Published 08/07/19

David Allison (Valuegraphics)

Published 07/29/19

Roanne Weyermars (Coast Capital Savings)

Published 07/25/19

Chris Wagner (Bananatag)

Published 07/22/19

Sean Stanleigh (The Globe And Mail)

Published 07/15/19

Karen Johnson (K'Pure)

Published 07/02/19

Christina Minshull (LinkedIn) | Marketing Jam

Published 06/17/19

Alex Wan (Periphery Digital)

Published 06/10/19

Mike Morrison (Mike's Bloggity Blog)

Published 06/03/19

Spencer Sheinin (Shift Financial Insights)

Published 05/27/19

Neil Patel (Neil Patel)

Published 05/21/19

Richard Alan Reid (Buzzfeed)

Published 05/13/19

Vinod Varma (Shop And Shout)

Published 04/29/19

Ashley Ward (SEM Rush)

Published 04/22/19

Aaron Orendorff (Shopify Plus)

Published 04/15/19

Nathalie Couët (DashThis)

Published 04/08/19

Patrick Givens (VaynerMedia)

Published 04/01/19

Alicia Haque (Go Live Explore)

Published 03/25/19

Marketing Jam - Season 3

Published 03/18/19

Rob Daintree (WestJet)

Published 03/11/19

Antoine Bonicalzi (Cyberimpact)

Published 02/25/19

Jon Brock (Cineplex WorldGaming)

Published 02/04/19

Dena Blevins (Starbucks)

Published 01/22/19

Oscar Roque (Interac)

Published 01/02/19

Richard Wong (#paid)

Published 11/28/18

James Gregson (LEGO)

Published 11/14/18

Paula Skaper (Kinetix Media Communications)

Published 10/29/18

Tamir Bar-Haim (Amazon)

Published 10/15/18

Duncan Wardle (Creativity Consultant)

Published 10/01/18

Theresa McLaughlin (TD Bank)

Published 09/25/18

Karm Sumal (Daily Hive)

Published 09/17/18

Leanne Gibson (Twitter Canada)

Published 09/10/18

Jana Dybinski (

Published 08/27/18

Steve Koenig (Consumer Technology Association)

Published 08/13/18

Jon Malach (

Published 07/24/18

Sal Patel (TIFF)

Published 07/09/18

Rashel Hariri (Mcdonald's Canada)

Published 07/03/18

James Connell (Roots Canada)

Published 06/25/18

Oli Garnder (Unbounce)

Published 06/18/18

Amber Mac (AmberMac Media)

Published 06/04/18

David Labistour (MEC)

Published 05/28/18

James Rubec (Cision Canada)

Published 05/22/18

Adam Mills (Four Winds Brewing)

Published 05/14/18

Victoria Hui (The Lust Listt)

Published 05/07/18

Swish Goswami (Entrepreneur)

Published 04/30/18

Fatima Zaidi (88 Agency)

Published 04/20/18

Derryn Shrosbree (Juniper Life Insurance)

Published 04/09/18

Mike Gettis (Endy Sleep)

Published 04/03/18

Pamela Saunders (Microsoft Vancouver)

Published 02/19/18

Farhan Mohamed (Daily Hive)

Published 01/22/18

Jared Harman (Joseph Richard Group)

Published 11/24/17

Marketing Jam - Season 2

Published 11/20/17

The Future Of Work Is Now! With Eric Termuende

Published 07/05/17

Effective Email Marketing With Antoine Bonicalzi From Cyberimpact

Published 06/26/17

How To SCALE Your Social Media Communications With Penny Wilson From Hootsuite

Published 06/07/17

How Being Consistent Leads To Social Media Marketing Success

Published 05/29/17

The Campaign To Change The Way We Buy Groceries

Published 04/25/17

Change In The Making Conference Podcast - Part 2

Published 04/19/17

Change In The Making Conference Podcast

Published 04/13/17

Online Marketing Strategist And YouTube Star - Sunny Lenarduzzi

Published 11/28/16

Four Reasons To Blog With Dan R Morris From Blogging Concentrated

Published 11/15/16

How To Increase YouTube Views With Video Marketing Expert Marlon Doll

Published 11/07/16

Speaking Of Web Design... How To Do It Better With Shawn Johnston From Forge And Smith

Published 10/31/16

How To Create Content That Converts With Dan Levy From Unbounce

Published 10/24/16

Telling Better Stories With Nicolle Hodges

Published 10/20/16

Smarter Social Media Marketing With Tod Maffin

Published 10/11/16

Freshgrade: Facebook For Educators - With Kemp Edmonds

Published 10/03/16

Branding And Creativity With Dylan Staniul From Burnkit

Published 09/26/16

AMPLIFY!!! With Leah Gregg From ReThink

Published 09/19/16

Websites That Convert With Miles Sellyn From Drive Digital

Published 09/12/16

How To Work With Influencers And Take Your PR To The Next Level

Published 09/06/16

How To Engage Your Customers On Social Media With Rashel Hariri From McDonalds

Published 08/29/16

Mommy You Have To Help Those People With Lara Dewar, World Vision

Published 08/22/16

The Quest For 100k YouTube Subscribers With Steve Dotto

Published 08/15/16

How To Make Marketing And Sales Easier With Vicki McLeod

Published 08/09/16

What Does It Take To Be Marketing’s Best In Show?

Published 08/02/16

How To Keep Your Projects Moving With Amaan Fazal

Published 07/25/16

How To Tell A Story Like Pixar Storyteller Matthew Luhn

Published 07/18/16

How To Win At Online Advertising With Jon Malach From Native Ads Inc.

Published 07/11/16

How To Hire (and Be) A Marketing Superstar With Peter Reek From Smart, Savvy + Associates

Published 07/04/16

How To Hold A World Class Event With ​Katie Schaeffers From BRANDLIVE

Published 06/27/16

How To Move Your Business Ahead With Yelp

Published 06/21/16

Create A Landing Page That Works With Oli Gardner

Published 06/14/16

Creating Pizza Loyalty With Deanna Nicola From Papa Murphy's

Published 06/06/16

8 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips With Gabe Mederos From Telus

Published 06/01/16

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC)- Part 2

Published 04/29/16

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) Part 1

Published 04/28/16

Marketing Jam - Season 1

Published 04/25/16