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Will & Shoshauna Routley (Healthy Hooch Kombucha)

Published 07/06/20

Joe Gagliese (Viral Nation)

Published 06/30/20

Shaheed Devji (Unanchored)

Published 06/26/20

Conner Galway (Junction Consulting)

Published 06/22/20

YVRPR (Black Lives Matter Allyship Conversation)

Published 06/15/20

Fatima Israel (EY)

Published 06/15/20

Alexandre Desabrais (SOLIOS Watches)

Published 06/01/20

Hilton Barbour (

Published 05/25/20

Megan Jackson & Conar Fair (One Peak Creative)

Published 05/19/20

Daryl Louie (Anti Social / Thinkingbox)

Published 05/11/20

Bernadette Butler (Story Tap)

Published 05/04/20

Ken Steele (Eduvation)

Published 04/20/20

Judith Lewis (Canadian Search Awards)

Published 04/13/20

Lizz Kannenberg (Sprout Social)

Published 04/08/20

Frank Palmer (Thinc Enterprises Inc.)

Published 04/02/20

Hamza Nasir (LiveAdmins)

Published 03/30/20

Ryan Gill (The Gathering / Communo)

Published 03/23/20

Christina Crook (JOMO)

Published 02/10/20

William Johnson (Innovate BC)

Published 02/03/20

Victor Tang (Fresh Prep)

Published 01/27/20

Sandy Pell (Vidyard)

Published 01/20/20

Ron Tite (Church+State)

Published 01/13/20

Brian Scudamore (1-800-GOT-JUNK)

Published 01/09/20

Diana Lucaci (True Impact)

Published 12/30/19

Courtney Lawrence (lululemon)

Published 12/16/19

Nick Routley (Visual Capitalist)

Published 12/11/19

Andrew Au (Intercept Group)

Published 12/02/19

Ryan Stevens (Clutch) - 100th Episode!

Published 11/20/19

Angie Dosanjh (BDC)

Published 11/15/19

Anne Coqueugniot (Yellow Pages)

Published 11/04/19

Jeff Lohnes (Talent Bureau)

Published 10/21/19

Tim Soulo (Ahrefs)

Published 10/15/19

Claudia Seti (Spotify)

Published 09/30/19

Hayley Woodin (Business In Vancouver)

Published 09/24/19

Andy Crestodina (Orbit Media)

Published 09/16/19

Mike Mark (Adobe)

Published 09/09/19

Craig Patterson (Retail Insider)

Published 08/27/19

Chris Hoag (Bing)

Published 08/19/19

Cybele Negris (

Published 08/13/19

Spencer Callaghan (CIRA)

Published 08/07/19

David Allison (Valuegraphics)

Published 07/29/19

Roanne Weyermars (Coast Capital Savings)

Published 07/25/19

Chris Wagner (Bananatag)

Published 07/22/19

Sean Stanleigh (The Globe And Mail)

Published 07/15/19

Karen Johnson (K'Pure)

Published 07/02/19

Christina Minshull (LinkedIn) | Marketing Jam

Published 06/17/19

Alex Wan (Periphery Digital)

Published 06/10/19

Mike Morrison (Mike's Bloggity Blog)

Published 06/03/19

Spencer Sheinin (Shift Financial Insights)

Published 05/27/19

Neil Patel (Neil Patel)

Published 05/21/19

Richard Alan Reid (Buzzfeed)

Published 05/13/19

Vinod Varma (Shop And Shout)

Published 04/29/19

Ashley Ward (SEM Rush)

Published 04/22/19

Aaron Orendorff (Shopify Plus)

Published 04/15/19

Nathalie Couët (DashThis)

Published 04/08/19

Patrick Givens (VaynerMedia)

Published 04/01/19

Alicia Haque (Go Live Explore)

Published 03/25/19

Marketing Jam - Season 3

Published 03/18/19

Rob Daintree (WestJet)

Published 03/11/19

Antoine Bonicalzi (Cyberimpact)

Published 02/25/19

Jon Brock (Cineplex WorldGaming)

Published 02/04/19

Dena Blevins (Starbucks)

Published 01/22/19

Oscar Roque (Interac)

Published 01/02/19

Richard Wong (#paid)

Published 11/28/18

James Gregson (LEGO)

Published 11/14/18

Paula Skaper (Kinetix Media Communications)

Published 10/29/18

Tamir Bar-Haim (Amazon)

Published 10/15/18

Duncan Wardle (Creativity Consultant)

Published 10/01/18

Theresa McLaughlin (TD Bank)

Published 09/25/18

Karm Sumal (Daily Hive)

Published 09/17/18

Leanne Gibson (Twitter Canada)

Published 09/10/18

Jana Dybinski (

Published 08/27/18

Steve Koenig (Consumer Technology Association)

Published 08/13/18

Jon Malach (

Published 07/24/18

Sal Patel (TIFF)

Published 07/09/18

Rashel Hariri (Mcdonald's Canada)

Published 07/03/18

James Connell (Roots Canada)

Published 06/25/18

Oli Garnder (Unbounce)

Published 06/18/18

Amber Mac (AmberMac Media)

Published 06/04/18

David Labistour (MEC)

Published 05/28/18

James Rubec (Cision Canada)

Published 05/22/18

Adam Mills (Four Winds Brewing)

Published 05/14/18

Victoria Hui (The Lust Listt)

Published 05/07/18

Swish Goswami (Entrepreneur)

Published 04/30/18

Fatima Zaidi (88 Agency)

Published 04/20/18

Derryn Shrosbree (Juniper Life Insurance)

Published 04/09/18

Mike Gettis (Endy Sleep)

Published 04/03/18

Pamela Saunders (Microsoft Vancouver)

Published 02/19/18

Farhan Mohamed (Daily Hive)

Published 01/22/18

Jared Harman (Joseph Richard Group)

Published 11/24/17

Marketing Jam - Season 2

Published 11/20/17

The Future Of Work Is Now! With Eric Termuende

Published 07/05/17

Effective Email Marketing With Antoine Bonicalzi From Cyberimpact

Published 06/26/17

How To SCALE Your Social Media Communications With Penny Wilson From Hootsuite

Published 06/07/17

How Being Consistent Leads To Social Media Marketing Success

Published 05/29/17

The Campaign To Change The Way We Buy Groceries

Published 04/25/17

Change In The Making Conference Podcast - Part 2

Published 04/19/17

Change In The Making Conference Podcast

Published 04/13/17

Online Marketing Strategist And YouTube Star - Sunny Lenarduzzi

Published 11/28/16

Four Reasons To Blog With Dan R Morris From Blogging Concentrated

Published 11/15/16

How To Increase YouTube Views With Video Marketing Expert Marlon Doll

Published 11/07/16

Speaking Of Web Design... How To Do It Better With Shawn Johnston From Forge And Smith

Published 10/31/16

How To Create Content That Converts With Dan Levy From Unbounce

Published 10/24/16

Telling Better Stories With Nicolle Hodges

Published 10/20/16

Smarter Social Media Marketing With Tod Maffin

Published 10/11/16

Freshgrade: Facebook For Educators - With Kemp Edmonds

Published 10/03/16

Branding And Creativity With Dylan Staniul From Burnkit

Published 09/26/16

AMPLIFY!!! With Leah Gregg From ReThink

Published 09/19/16

Websites That Convert With Miles Sellyn From Drive Digital

Published 09/12/16

How To Work With Influencers And Take Your PR To The Next Level

Published 09/06/16

How To Engage Your Customers On Social Media With Rashel Hariri From McDonalds

Published 08/29/16

Mommy You Have To Help Those People With Lara Dewar, World Vision

Published 08/22/16

The Quest For 100k YouTube Subscribers With Steve Dotto

Published 08/15/16

How To Make Marketing And Sales Easier With Vicki McLeod

Published 08/09/16

What Does It Take To Be Marketing’s Best In Show?

Published 08/02/16

How To Keep Your Projects Moving With Amaan Fazal

Published 07/25/16

How To Tell A Story Like Pixar Storyteller Matthew Luhn

Published 07/18/16

How To Win At Online Advertising With Jon Malach From Native Ads Inc.

Published 07/11/16

How To Hire (and Be) A Marketing Superstar With Peter Reek From Smart, Savvy + Associates

Published 07/04/16

How To Hold A World Class Event With ​Katie Schaeffers From BRANDLIVE

Published 06/27/16

How To Move Your Business Ahead With Yelp

Published 06/21/16

Create A Landing Page That Works With Oli Gardner

Published 06/14/16

Creating Pizza Loyalty With Deanna Nicola From Papa Murphy's

Published 06/06/16

8 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips With Gabe Mederos From Telus

Published 06/01/16

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC)- Part 2

Published 04/29/16

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) Part 1

Published 04/28/16

Marketing Jam - Season 1

Published 04/25/16