Some stories needs to be told. This is a Podcast that celebrates life, while also talking about how it is to live with a chronic disease or a terminal illness.

In each episode Daniel Kold will interview a special guest, to talk about their life.

This is a Professional podcast!
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17 episodes!!!

LDH End Of Season 1 Message

Published 12/15/19

LDH E16 Special: Happiness

Published 11/17/19

LDH E15 With Guest Star Gina Johnson

Published 11/03/19

LDH E14 With Guest Star Erika

Published 10/20/19

LDH E13 With Guest Kimberly Rising

Published 10/06/19

LDH E12 With Guest Star Egil Dennerline

Published 09/08/19

LDH E11 With Guest Star Lorena Cabral

Published 08/25/19

LDH E10 With Guest Jordan Brunson

Published 08/11/19

LDH E09 With Guest Star James

Published 07/28/19

LDH E08: Meet The Host

Published 07/15/19

LDH E07 With Guest Anja Larsen

Published 06/30/19

LDH E06 With Guest Kyle Tanner

Published 06/16/19

LDH E05 With Guest Allison Breininger

Published 06/02/19

LDH E04 With Guest Jack Timperley

Published 05/26/19

LDH E03 With Guest Mary-Beth Johnson

Published 05/19/19

LDH E02 With Guest Eric Devin

Published 05/19/19

LDH E01 With Guest Amy Vangel

Published 05/19/19