Marketing Jam is a marketing podcast featuring the brightest minds in Canadian marketing and hosted by the Principal of Jelly Digital Marketing and P.R., Darian Kovacs and Shaheed Devji.

On the show, Darian aims to unearth tips, tricks, and insights from the best marketers from Canada and around the world, and also discusses pertinent industry news.

Jelly is a Digital Marketing and PR firm located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia providing Digital Ads, Social Media and Public Relations services to clients Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and across Canada and this is their podcast!

This is a Professional podcast!
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37 episodes!!!

Episode 35: Farewell

Published 03/13/20

Episode 34: August 13, 2016

Published 03/13/20

Episode 33: Spillin' The Tea

Published 02/20/20

Episode 32: Two More Weeks!

Published 02/06/20

Episode 31: Dark Sky

Published 01/22/20

Episode 30: Salvation In The Soil

Published 01/15/20

Episode 29: Happy New Years 2020!

Published 01/01/20

Budgeting For Pasture-Raised Food

Published 12/18/19

Episode 28: Off The Record: The Farming Game

Published 12/04/19

Episode 27: Come Health Or High Water (with Mariah Boatright)

Published 11/20/19

Farm-to-Fork Restaurants (with Ben Parks)

Published 11/06/19

Episode 26: Redux: Interview

Published 10/24/19

Backyard Animals (with Janet Garman)

Published 10/24/19

Episode 23: Double Episode Featuring Coming Soon

Published 10/23/19

Episode 22: Leave A Trace

Published 10/09/19

Episode 21: Could Localism Cure Globalism?

Published 09/25/19

Episode 20: Are Beef Cows Making The Amazon Burn?

Published 09/11/19

Episode 19: Lessons From Sheep

Published 08/28/19

Episode 17: Das Sheep

Published 08/14/19

Episode 18: An Important Announcement!

Published 08/14/19

Episode 16: Off The Record

Published 08/07/19

Episode 15: A Gallon Of Pasteurized Milk

Published 07/31/19

Episode 14: Tesni Sojourner Williams

Published 07/24/19

Episode 13: Raw Milk, So What?

Published 07/17/19

The Impossible Burger (with Will Harris)

Published 07/11/19

Episode 12: Off The Record

Published 07/03/19

Wilderness Abandonment (with Joel Salatin)

Published 06/26/19

Episode 11: The Stewardship Diet (with Kelli Williams)

Published 06/19/19

Episode 10: Eat Mor Beef (with David Boatright)

Published 06/12/19

Episode 9: Why Bread And Why Wine?

Published 06/05/19

Episode 8: Dead Zone

Published 05/29/19

Episode 7: The State Of Our Farms Address (with Lucinda Cramsley)

Published 05/22/19

Episode 6: The Carnivore Bar (with Philip And Merry Meece)

Published 05/15/19

Episode 5: Tame, Bountiful, And Blessed

Published 05/10/19

Episode 3: The Danger Of Labels (with Carrie Balkcom)

Published 04/12/19

Episode 2: Pasture-Raised Eggs

Published 03/23/19

Episode 1: Pilot

Published 03/19/19