Imagine talking about urban legends with your friends and having a lot of coffee! That’s what this podcast is all about. It is devoted to our favorite drinks, lattes, and our favorite subject matter, urban legends.

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The Creepy Count And The Sixth Sense

Published 03/27/20

Cursed Films: Part Four

Published 03/23/20

Cursed Films:Part Three

Published 03/19/20

Cursed Films Part Two: The Omen

Published 03/15/20

Cursed Films Part One

Published 03/09/20

New Mexico UFO Legends

Published 03/01/20

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Published 02/24/20

Mysterious Disappearances Part Two

Published 02/03/20

Mysterious Disappearances

Published 01/13/20

Haunted Dolls: The Finale

Published 12/29/19

Haunted Dolls: Part 4

Published 12/24/19

Haunted Dolls: Part 3: Peggy The Doll & Okiku

Published 12/22/19

Haunted Dolls Part 2

Published 12/21/19

Haunted Dolls: Robert The Doll And Mandy The Haunted Doll

Published 12/08/19

Haunted Highways

Published 12/01/19

Haunted Alaska Hotels

Published 11/29/19

Louisiana Legends: Wild Mouse Rollercoaster And Alice’s Grave

Published 11/24/19


Published 11/16/19

Ghost Mines Of Colorado And Tommyknockers

Published 11/11/19

Haunted Saloons And Ghost Sheriffs

Published 11/03/19

Colorado Ghost Stories

Published 10/28/19

The Lore Of Pumpkin Spice

Published 10/26/19

Urban Legends From Listeners

Published 10/13/19

The Screaming Bridge And River Legacy Park

Published 10/06/19

Martha's Chapel Cemetery And Demon's Road

Published 09/29/19

Marfa Lights And Spooky Nurse

Published 09/23/19

Black Eyed Kids

Published 09/15/19

Alcatraz Island And Hotel Cecil

Published 09/07/19

Charlie No Face And Old Green Eyes

Published 09/01/19

Hatchet Lady Of Red Rocks And Denver Hospital

Published 08/25/19

Urban Legends They Told Us As Kids

Published 08/21/19

Adolf Coors Ghost & Vampire Grave

Published 08/18/19

Coffin Races And Ghost Bridges

Published 08/17/19

Cropsey And Knock Knock Road

Published 08/14/19

Video Game Urban Legends

Published 08/09/19

Asylums Part 2: Pennhurst And Danvers

Published 08/07/19

Asylums: Ridge Home And Trans-Allegheny

Published 08/04/19

The Gates Of Hell In Colorado And The Green Lady Of Berry College

Published 07/28/19

Hoodoo, Voodoo, And Robert Johnson

Published 07/26/19

The Legend Of Sadie Baker And The White Screamer

Published 07/24/19

The Babushka Lady And Conspiracy Theories

Published 07/23/19

Hollywood Cemetery And The Black Dog

Published 07/22/19

RVA 2.0

Published 07/22/19

The Richmond Vampire And The Church Hill Tunnel

Published 07/21/19

Lattes And Legends Introduction

Published 07/21/19