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You’ve never heard news and politics discussed like this before! Just Conversations discusses the most controversial topics and subjects and challenges your way of thinking. There is a common-sense approach to every area of your life including world views, business, politics, and spirituality you just haven’t discovered it yet. Just Conversations is hosted by self -made Millionaire and serial entrepreneur Jonathan Gary Sr, and he’s ready for you to take your seat at the table.

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Hello And Meet Dr. Elizabeth Rainwater & Dr. Latonya Rainwater

Published 07/03/22

Mr. Justin Grant - Solving The World’s One Problems With One Conversation At A Time.

Published 06/22/22

Music Lovers...check Out Soy Rah.

Published 06/04/22

Let’s Talk About Mental Heath With Ms. Ada Joe!

Published 06/03/22

Interview With E-EYE’S

Published 05/18/22

Drug Addiction In America From The Front Lines!

Published 04/18/22

Interview With Nicole Draffen / Hyphened-Nation

Published 08/09/21

A Young Republican On The Move!!!

Published 07/21/21

CoronaVirus: The Inequality Caught By Society

Published 10/04/20

Do 'They' Control Us

Published 10/04/20

Dividing Or Uniting: The Power Of Politics

Published 09/29/20

Systemic Racism: How The Underdog Became The Topdog

Published 09/29/20