In Depth look via Podcast into the Justice System and it’s impact on Defendants and families. ┬áLearn about our Legal Services through various topics discussed.

You have been accused, you have been charged where do I go from here?

Finding the most qualified legal representation

What is an expert? The differences, the science behind it and the false narrative to give it credibility.
How to Counter it

Listener requested topics suggested by those seeking guidance.

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Published 10/26/19

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Published 07/30/19

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Aclarity By Julie Bliss Mullen

Published 06/12/19

Acoustic Wells By Sebastien Mannai

Published 06/12/19

Founders Space By Steve Hoffman

Published 05/05/19

Sticky Pesticide By Maher Damak

Published 04/20/19

Libsonic By Bill Cox

Published 03/24/19