This is a podcast about the world of Radioj each week there will be a different vistor to the show, someone from the music scene, radio industry or anyone who is interesting.You may hear about music,comics ,wrestling you never know!

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38 episodes!!!

Ep.38:Cracking The Code W/ Tom Morrissey Of KillCode

Published 09/03/19

Ep.37:Mr.Flynn Makes A Video W/Tom Flynn

Published 08/20/19

Ep:36.Waldman's Words Tend To Go Boom!!!Featuring Scott Waldman

Published 07/21/19

Ep 35.Bringing The Beard To The Boom W/ Noah The Beard Tanner

Published 06/27/19

Ep 34: Paul Reyes The Ninja Who Fears None And Rising

Published 04/25/19

An Episode To Amputate Your Face With Michael H Of P.T. Grimm

Published 03/11/19

Bringing The BOOM To Hotfoot Records W/Jeremy Pektus

Published 01/01/19

EP 31:Athena Finger

Published 11/25/18

Ep 30: Movies,Films ,comics And Spoiler Alerts!!! Featuring Anthony Noto Of Blue Movie& Black Film

Published 11/11/18

Ep 29:Dave Case

Published 10/14/18

Ep 28:Carianne Brinkman

Published 10/02/18

EP 27:Legend Of Da Black Sheep W/ Dan Acosta

Published 09/24/18

Ep 26 Turbo Rules W/ Turbo

Published 08/26/18

Ep 25. Ash Ali's Gambit W/ Ash Ali

Published 07/19/18

EP 24:The Guide To The Man Called Soda

Published 06/23/18

Ep 23: Black Suit BOOM Or The Man In The Black Suit

Published 06/03/18

Ep 22. Comic Con BOOM Show Featuring Ming Chen And Tommy Walker

Published 05/14/18

Ep21. I'm An Adult!!! W/ Alex Amiruddin

Published 04/22/18

Ep 20.Be Polite Glide And Go BOOM! Featuring Kristian Raimo

Published 03/29/18

EP 19.Sitting In A Parked Car While In Traffic Featuring Neil Rubenstein

Published 03/06/18

Ep 18 Eye On The Boom Featuring Jen And Andrew From EYE ON ATTRACTION

Published 02/15/18

EP 17.If Sam Hoyos Ruled The World In A Red River Playing Dead

Published 01/18/18

EP 16 If George Reynolds Ruled The World

Published 01/03/18

Ep.15 Mike SOS

Published 12/11/17

Ep 14 Dan Martinez

Published 05/01/17

EP 13 Heard It On The X Origin Of The BOOM

Published 04/11/17

Ep 12 Dave Caggiano

Published 03/22/17

Ep 11 Craig Siegelbaum Feels The BOOOM

Published 02/25/17

Ep 10 10 10!! Otan Vargas

Published 02/09/17

EP 9-Sergio Cesario(Modern Day Outlaw)

Published 01/29/17

Ep 8- Bing Bong Bing Bong BOOm With Dino C (Bound By Substance)

Published 01/14/17

Ep 7.Jason Lekberg

Published 12/31/16

Ep 6.Rob Rush

Published 12/22/16

Off The Third Turnbuckle Featuring Chuck Mcnally

Published 12/11/16

Steven Nathan

Published 11/29/16

It's Mollo Time With Rich Mollo

Published 11/22/16

The Boom Continues And Bobby Miller

Published 11/14/16

Bringing The Boom And Dan Nelson

Published 11/03/16