Attention experienced corporate presenters, public speakers, professional speakers and pastors.

Do you want to deliver a good, a great or an unforgettable presentation?
Get insights from behind the scenes on some of the most unforgettable presentations ever delivered.

  • What’s the story behind the presentation?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How did they prepare it?
  • How did they execute it?

Join World Champions of Public Speaking, Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix. They have been world-class speaking coaches for over a decade and have trained presenters in over 14 countries. You’ll love their chemistry and wisdom.

What will you hear?
Some episodes will be rock-solid content, some episodes will be interviews with presenters who delivered an unforgettable presentation.

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Forbes, Entrepreneur & Kivo Daily | Dillon Kivo

Published 10/15/19

Influencer Marketing, A-List Clients & The Power Of Free | Chris Cunningham

Published 09/25/19

Hoopsnation, Hip Hop, Twitch & TikTok | Buster Scher

Published 09/05/19

Credit Card Secrets, Travel Hacks & $82K In Debt | Yan Stavisski

Published 08/28/19

Addiction, Self-Talk, Meditation & Waking Up Wealthy | Brodie Kern

Published 08/20/19

CEO Of Level Foods, Feeding 7-Foot Athletes & Instagram Virality | Elle Leonard

Published 08/15/19

5X Billboard Top 100 DJ & Producer, Humility & Risk Taking | Greg Gatsby

Published 08/13/19

Million Dollar Brander, Click Funnels & Bon Jovi | Henry Kaminski

Published 08/08/19

Cannabis, Ecommerce And 7-Figure Wholesaling | Dakota Sheets

Published 08/05/19

Hip Hop, Culture, Mark Cuban & Perspective | Johnny Rapp

Published 07/30/19

Build Your Empire, Rise Of The Young, Networking Mogul | Casey Adams

Published 07/25/19

Building A Top 100 Podcast, Grant Cardone & The Power Of Networking | John Danes

Published 07/23/19

275 Million Followers, Minimalism & Mental Health | Stephen Flipmass

Published 07/19/19

Celebrity Networking, Hollywood Events & Brand Building | Ashwin Jacob

Published 07/17/19

Grow Your Brand Through Podcasting: 6 Strategies

Published 07/09/19

How To Market A Podcast From 0 To 50,000 Listeners

Published 06/27/19

How To Grow Your Podcast: 20 Tips To Grow

Published 06/18/19

How To Start A Podcast: 20 Tips To Start

Published 06/10/19

Starting A Podcast Empire: My Story

Published 06/03/19

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Published 04/18/19