Gastropod looks at food through the lens of science and history. Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley serve up a brand new episode every two weeks.

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White Vs. Wheat: The Food Fight Of The Centuries

Published 03/24/20

Licorice: A Dark And Salty Stranger

Published 03/10/20

To Fight Climate Change, Bank On Soil

Published 02/25/20

Move Over Gin, We’ve Got Tonic Fever

Published 02/11/20

The United States Of McDonald’s

Published 01/28/20

Dinner Plate Invasion: Lionfish, Tiger Shrimp, And Feral Pigs, Oh My!

Published 01/13/20

Meet The Queen Of Kiwi: The 96-Year-Old Woman Who Transformed America’s Produce Aisle

Published 12/17/19

Are Insect Guts The Secret To The Most Delicious Kimchi?

Published 12/03/19

Menu Mind Control

Published 11/18/19

Of Ghost Foods And Culinary Extinction

Published 11/05/19

Tiki Time!

Published 10/22/19

What’s CRISPR Doing In Our Food?

Published 10/08/19

Happy Birthday To Us: Gastropod Turns Five

Published 09/24/19

Celebrate Mexico’s True National Holiday With The Mysteries Of Mole

Published 09/10/19

Running On Fumes: Strawberry’s Dirty Secret

Published 08/27/19

Omega 1-2-3

Published 08/13/19

Meet Sharbat, The Ancestor Of Sorbet, Syrup, Shrub, Sherbet, And Pretty Much Everything Else Cool

Published 08/06/19

Super Fry: The Fight For The Golden Frite

Published 06/19/19

Eat This, Not That: The Surprising Science Of Personalized Nutrition

Published 06/10/19

Guts And Glory

Published 05/21/19

BONUS: Introducing Science Rules! With Bill Nye

Published 05/16/19

The Great Gastropod Pudding Off

Published 05/06/19

Potatoes In Space!

Published 04/23/19

The Curry Chronicles

Published 04/09/19

The Bagelization Of America

Published 03/26/19

Can Diet Stop Alzheimer’s?

Published 03/11/19

Seeds Of Immortality

Published 03/04/19

Pick A Pawpaw: America’s Forgotten Fruit

Published 02/26/19

Eating To Win: Gatorade, Muscle Milk, And… Chicken Nuggets?

Published 02/12/19

The Secret History Of The Slave Behind Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Published 01/28/19

Sweet And Low (Calorie): The Story Of Artificial Sweeteners

Published 01/15/19

Dirty Tricks And Data: The Great Soda Wars, Part 2

Published 12/18/18

Souring On Sweet: The Great Soda Wars, Part 1

Published 12/04/18

The Truth Is In The Tooth: Braces, Cavities, And The Paleo Diet

Published 11/19/18

Who Invented Mac And Cheese?

Published 11/13/18

How The Carrot Became Orange, And Other Stories

Published 11/06/18

The Incredible Egg

Published 10/23/18

Espresso And Whisky: The Place Of Time In Food

Published 10/09/18

Why These Animals?

Published 09/25/18

Mango Mania: How The American Mango Lost Its Flavor—and How It Might Just Get It Back

Published 09/11/18

Keeping It Fresh: Preservatives And The Poison Squad

Published 08/28/18

Watch It Wiggle: The Jell-O Story

Published 08/14/18

Out Of The Fire, Into The Frying Pan

Published 06/19/18

Hotbox: The Oven From Turnspit Dogs To Microwaves

Published 06/05/18

Feed The World: How The U.S. Became The World’s Biggest Food Aid Donor—And Why That Might Not Be Such A Great Thing

Published 05/22/18

Ripe For Global Domination: The Story Of The Avocado

Published 05/08/18

Meet The Man Who Found, Finagled, And Ferried Home The Foods We Eat Today

Published 04/24/18

Who Faked My Cheese?

Published 04/10/18

Marching On Our Stomachs: The Science And History Of Feeding The Troops

Published 03/27/18

Cooking The Books With Yotam And Nigella

Published 03/13/18

Cutting The Mustard

Published 02/27/18

Remembrance Of Things Pasta: A Saucy Tale

Published 02/13/18

We’ve Lost It: The Diet Episode

Published 01/30/18

Meet Saffron, The World’s Most Expensive Spice

Published 01/16/18

Secrets Of Sourdough

Published 12/18/17

Green Gold: Our Love Affair With Olive Oil

Published 12/05/17

Women, Food, Power … And Books!

Published 11/21/17

Crantastic: The Story Of America’s Berry

Published 11/07/17

Cannibalism: From Calories To Kuru

Published 10/24/17

Eataly World And The Future Of Food Shopping

Published 10/10/17

What The Fluff Is Marshmallow Creme?

Published 09/26/17

Lunch Gets Schooled

Published 09/11/17

Sour Grapes: The History And Science Of Vinegar

Published 08/29/17

The Birds And The Bugs

Published 08/15/17

It’s Tea Time: Pirates, Polyphenols, And A Proper Cuppa

Published 08/01/17

Peanuts: Peril And Promise

Published 06/20/17

Fake Food

Published 06/06/17

Here’s Why You Should Care About Southern Food

Published 05/22/17

Better Believe It’s Butter

Published 05/09/17

Meet Koji, Your New Favorite Fungus

Published 04/25/17

V Is For Vitamin

Published 04/10/17

Hacking Taste

Published 03/14/17

Cork Dork: Inside The Weird World Of Wine Appreciation

Published 02/28/17

To Eat Or Not To Eat Meat

Published 02/14/17

We Heart Chocolate

Published 01/31/17

Inventing The Restaurant: From Bone Broth To Michelin

Published 01/17/17

Gettin’ Fizzy With It

Published 12/13/16

The Spice Curve: From Pepper To Sriracha With Sarah Lohman

Published 11/29/16

The Buzz On Honey

Published 11/15/16

What Is Native American Cuisine?

Published 11/01/16

Oysters: History And Science On The Half Shell

Published 10/18/16

Counting Fish

Published 10/04/16

Seaweed Special

Published 09/13/16

The Salt Wars

Published 08/23/16

Kombucha Culture

Published 08/08/16

Keeping Kosher: When Jewish Law Met Processed Food

Published 07/26/16

Poultry Power: The Fried Chicken Chronicles

Published 07/12/16

Outside The Box: The Story Of Food Packaging

Published 06/28/16

Who Invented The Cherry Tomato?

Published 06/14/16

Everything Old Is Brew Again

Published 05/31/16

Museums And The Mafia: The Secret History Of Citrus

Published 04/19/16

Grand Theft Food

Published 04/05/16

Caffeine: The World’s Most Popular Drug

Published 03/21/16

The Maple Boom

Published 03/08/16

First Foods: Learning To Eat

Published 02/23/16

The Food Of Love

Published 02/09/16

The End Of The Calorie

Published 01/26/16

The Mushroom Underground

Published 11/17/15

Peak Booze

Published 11/03/15

Mezcal: Everything But The Worm

Published 10/20/15

The Good, The Bad, The Cilantro

Published 10/06/15

The Bitter Truth

Published 09/22/15

The United States Of Chinese Food

Published 08/25/15

The Whole Hog

Published 08/11/15

The Scoop On Ice Cream

Published 07/28/15

Crunch, Crackle, And Pop

Published 07/14/15

Field Recordings

Published 06/30/15

The Cocktail Hour

Published 05/26/15

Gastropod On Gastropods

Published 05/04/15

Savor Flavor

Published 04/21/15

Say Cheese!

Published 03/23/15

No Scrubs: Breeding A Better Bull

Published 02/17/15

Breakfast Of Champions

Published 01/20/15

Kale Of The Sea

Published 12/09/14

The Microbe Revolution

Published 11/11/14

Dan Barber’s Quest For Flavor

Published 10/14/14

Episode 1: The Golden Spoon

Published 09/06/14