Alex Grand, Jim Thompson and guest co-hosts start off a comic book history discussion between fans, historians and scholars in determining what happened and when in comics, from strips and pulps to the platinum age comic book, through golden, silver, bronze and then toward modern. All genre’s are open game here including Westerns, Comedy, Crime, Superheroes, Westerns, Horror, and Newspaper Strips. Causality and placement in the psychosocial spectrum is routinely discussed. We also take important time in interviewing professionals to get to the source of comic book history. Support us at

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CBH Podcast 54: Paul Levitz: DC Comics Fan, Writer, Editor, Publisher & President Part 1

Published 12/02/19

CBH Podcast 53: CAC San Diego Comic Con Panel 2019 Howard The Duck Cease And Desist.

Published 11/15/19

CBH Podcast 52: Film Critic, Lauren Veneziani Aka DC Film Girl And The Comic Age Of Movies

Published 11/01/19

CBH Podcast 51: Mark Chiarello, Art Director Behind The Curtain Part 2

Published 10/15/19

CBH Podcast 50: Mark Chiarello, Art Director Behind The Curtain Part 1

Published 10/01/19

CBH Podcast 49: All Star Special 3 - Anthony Tollin, Whilce Portacio, Jimmie Robinson, Benton Jew, & Jim Cheung.

Published 09/16/19

CBH Podcast 48: Josef Rubinstein, Comic Book Inker Of All Part 2

Published 09/01/19

CBH Podcast 47: Josef Rubinstein, Comic Book Inker Of All Part 1

Published 08/16/19

CBH Podcast 46: Danny Fingeroth, Editor & Writer Part 3

Published 08/02/19

CBH Podcast 45: Danny Fingeroth, Editor & Writer Part 2

Published 07/16/19

CBH Podcast 44: Danny Fingeroth, Editor & Writer Part 1

Published 07/01/19

CBH Podcast 43: Howard Chaykin, Dark Prince Of Comics Part 2 With Alex Grand And Jim Thompson

Published 06/15/19

CBH Podcast 42: Howard Chaykin, Dark Prince Of Comics Part 1 With Alex Grand And Jim Thompson

Published 05/31/19

CBH Podcast 41: Trina Robbins, Superstar Part 2 With Alex Grand And Jim Thompson

Published 05/15/19

CBH Podcast 40: Tim Sale, The Gentleman's Artist Part 2 (2005 - Present)

Published 04/30/19

CBH Podcast 39: Tim Sale, The Gentleman's Artist Part 1 (1956-2005)

Published 04/12/19

CBH Podcast 38: Second Look, Hey Kids! Donald Duck & Superheroes!

Published 03/29/19

CBH Podcast 37: 1978, A Hard Year For Adult Storytelling In Graphic Novels & Film

Published 03/15/19

CBH Podcast 36: Upstarts: 1975 Atlas Seaboard Comics, Revenge Of The Goodmans!!

Published 03/01/19

CBH Podcast 35: Second Look, All In Color For A Dime (Novel)

Published 02/15/19

CBH Podcast 34: Trina Robbins, Superstar Part 1 With Alex Grand And Jim Thompson

Published 02/01/19

CBH Podcast 33: Robert Beerbohm's Comic Store Wars With Alex Grand And Jim Thompson

Published 01/18/19

CBH Podcast 32: The Steranko Experience Part 2 With Alex Grand

Published 01/04/19

CBH Podcast 31: The Steranko Experience Part 1 With Alex Grand

Published 12/21/18

CBH Podcast 30: Mike Royer, Inker Of The Greats With Alex Grand, 1941 To Present

Published 12/07/18

CBH Podcast 29: 1950, Goodbye Superheroes?

Published 11/26/18

CBH Podcast 28: 1984, Corporate Shift, Creator Rights & The End Of An Era.

Published 11/08/18

CBH Podcast 27: 1960, The Silver Age Takes Shape!!

Published 10/15/18

CBH Podcast 26: 1973, A Year Of Comic Book Death... And Rebirth!!!

Published 09/30/18

CBH Podcast 25: 9/11 2001 And Its Impact On Comic Books And The Film Industry

Published 09/07/18

CBH Podcast 24: Splash Page!: Jack Kirby, Co-creator Of The Marvel Universe And Julius Schwartz, Co-creator Of The DC Universe By Alex Grand

Published 08/15/18

CBH Podcast 23: SDCC2018 - CAC Panel: Attorneys Vs Historians: Who Authors The Authorship Narrative? With Alex Grand And Jim Thompson

Published 08/02/18

CBH Podcast 22: Neal Adams, Balls Of Steel 1959-Present With Alex Grand And Bill Field.

Published 07/30/18

CBH Podcast 21: All Star Special 2 - Rand Hoppe, Mark Texeira, Jimmy Palmiotti, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, And Scott Robinson.

Published 07/19/18

CBH Podcast 20: All Star Special 1 - Dan Parsons, Larry Houston, Athena Finger, Chris Burnham, Ron Lim, And Ger Appeldoorn.

Published 07/18/18

CBH Podcast 19: Live With Guest Arlen Schumer, Provocateur On 1965-1968 Marvel Comics

Published 07/17/18

CBH Podcast 18: Rick Marschall, Strip Historian Part 2: 1978 Marvel Comics To Hogans Alley

Published 04/21/18

CBH Podcast 17: Rick Marschall, Strip Historian Part 1: 1900s Newspaper Strips To 1978 Marvel Comics

Published 04/07/18

CBH Podcast 16: 1956 Atlas Comics. Kirby, Ditko, Lee & Maneely! From Knights To The Year Atlas Shrugged

Published 03/15/18

CBH Podcast 15: 1953 EC Science Fiction! With Superman And Astro Boy!

Published 03/02/18

CBH Podcast 14: 1953 Horror!!! Freedom Of Screech Or Speech? Tales Of The Crypt And Wertham

Published 02/17/18

CBH Podcast 13: J. David Spurlock, Publisher Discusses 1968, Steranko & The Super Silver Age

Published 02/03/18

CBH Podcast 12: 1976, Marvel Bicentennial With Editor Clashes And DC Publisher Changes

Published 01/06/18

CBH Podcast 11: CBH Christmas Special, Our Top 5 Christmas Comics!

Published 12/25/17

CBH Podcast 10: 1992 - The Present, Tom Orzechowski, Spawn Letterer Part 2 Of 2

Published 12/17/17

CBH Podcast 9: 1958-1992 Tom Orzechowski, X-Men Letterer Part 1 Of 2

Published 12/14/17

CBH Podcast 8: 1986, The Year Comics Grew Up Or Turned Out The Lights

Published 11/29/17

CBH Podcast 7: The Comic Strip And Comic Book Industry Circa 1934!!

Published 11/11/17

CBH Podcast 6: 1972 Marvel Horror Comics Halloween Special!!!

Published 10/31/17

CBH Podcast 5: 1968, The Decline Of Both Batmania, Old D.C, And The Rise Of Carmine Infantino

Published 10/07/17

CBH Podcast 4: 1966 Upstarts: Tower Comics, Charlton, And Harvey Comics

Published 09/23/17

CBH Podcast 3: 1966 The Marvel Age With Guest Historian, Barry Pearl, The Forbush Man

Published 09/16/17

CBH Podcast 2: 1966 Dell, Gold Key, Mighty Comics, ACG: The Me-Too Superheroes

Published 09/09/17

CBH Podcast 1: 1966 Batmania, Cartoons And Merchandise

Published 09/02/17