Hypnosis-Everywhere with Ines Simpson explores, dissects, discusses and opens up the world of Hypnosis. You will discover that Hypnosis is a very big world indeed. In Hypnosis-Everywhere, Ines offers you tools and answers to deal with that tricky mind of yours, and proven ways to enrich your life.brbr

Fears, Anxieties, Phobias, PTSD, Body health, Mind Health, Spiritual Health are just some of the things Hypnosis works for. Hypnosis-Everywhere is a show about our minds and the miracles we can achieve for ourselves and each other

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Discussion: Hanifa's 3D Collection & Fashion At The Forefront Of Revolution (feat. THE HGHLT)

Published 06/24/20

Profile: Kerby Jean-Raymond

Published 06/10/20

Bonus Episode: 'The First Monday In May' Critique With Sarita From We.wear.now.

Published 05/07/20

Bonus Episode: The Kente Club Co

Published 04/08/20

Interview: Miss. Jay Alexander

Published 09/18/19

Discussion: The 2019 LVMH Prize Winner & New CFDA Board Member Appointments

Published 09/09/19

Interview: Tia Whitfield & Retro Rewind Vintage & Thrift

Published 09/02/19

Profile: Virgil Abloh

Published 08/26/19

Discussion: Are 'Diversity & Inclusion' The Latest Trend In Luxury?

Published 08/21/19

Interview: Mimi Plange

Published 08/12/19

Profile: Ann Lowe

Published 08/05/19

Discussion: Rihanna And The Launch Of Fenty (feat. Teyonna Lanez)

Published 07/23/19

Interview: Carlton Mackey & Black Men Smile

Published 07/23/19

Profile: Andre Leon Talley

Published 07/23/19


Published 07/08/19