This podcast is not your average run of the mill program. We will discuss an array of topics with strong opinions on sports, music, life, and whatever comes to mind for the day. Occasionally we will have conversations with guests who have a difference of opinion. Trust me when I tell you that conversations will be exciting and at times may get heated. It is only because all involved with the program are incredibly passionate about their opinions. So stay tuned and be on the lookout for the upcoming podcats AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED with the opinionated Tdott. You will not want to miss the show.

This is a Professional podcast!
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As Far As I'm Concerned This Year Has Been Crazy

Published 07/23/20

As Far As I'm Concerned Tyson Fury Is The Best Heavyweight

Published 02/26/20

As Far As I'm Concerned Parenting Is Hard

Published 02/16/20

As Far As I'm Concerned The Music Game Has Changed

Published 12/14/19

As Far As I'm Concerned The NBA Championship Is Anybody's To Win

Published 10/24/19

As Far As I'm Concerned You Can Change Teams Whenever!

Published 10/16/19