Join Fyllo’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jeff Ragovin on his quest to explore the intersection of cannabis, compliance and creative with the most prominent industry leaders

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Ericka Pitman, CMO, Viola

Published 09/17/20

Matthew Nordgren, Founder & Krishnan Varier, Managing Partner, Arcadian Capital

Published 09/10/20

David Jakubovic, Film Director, CBD Nation

Published 09/02/20

Paul Rosen, Co-Founder & CEO, Pantry

Published 08/27/20

Charles McElroy, Founder & CCO, Goldleaf

Published 08/20/20

Max Simon, CEO & Co-Founder, Green Flower

Published 08/13/20

Timothy Seymour, CIO, Seymour Asset Management & CNBC’s Fast Money Co-Host

Published 08/06/20

Graham Farrar, President, Glass House

Published 07/27/20

James Yi, Co-Founder, Leaf Trade

Published 07/22/20

Matt Barron, Founder & Managing Partner, 12/12 Ventures

Published 07/20/20

Katie Stem, CEO, Peak Extracts

Published 07/15/20

Ron Silver, Founder & CCO, Azuca

Published 07/13/20

Alex Rowland, Co-Founder & CEO, New Tropic

Published 07/09/20

Scott Kitun, CEO, Technori

Published 07/06/20

Chris Lane, CMO, AirField Supply Co.

Published 07/02/20

Alex Milligan, Founder & CMO, Nugg

Published 07/01/20

Jim Higdon, Chief Communications Officer, Cornbread Hemp

Published 06/26/20

Jeff Canalupo, Founder & Managing Partner, Listen Ventures

Published 06/24/20

Julia Jacobson, Co-Founder, Aster Farms

Published 06/22/20

Laurie Gregory, Chief Brand And Product Officer, Skymint

Published 06/18/20

TJ Stouder, CEO, HOLISTIK Wellness

Published 06/16/20

Kevin Moran, Co-Founder, Beam

Published 06/12/20

Maggie Connors, Founder & CEO, Besito

Published 06/10/20

Nico Marley, Founder, Lion X Wellness

Published 06/07/20

Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder, Harborside Inc

Published 06/04/20

Nitin Khanna, CEO, Sentia Wellness

Published 06/04/20

Katie Ford, Head Of Global Brands, Twitter & Clive Sirkin, Board Member, Fyllo

Published 06/01/20

Steven Galanis, Co-Founder & CEO, Cameo

Published 05/28/20

Adrian Morante, Vice President, K2 & Associates Investment Management

Published 05/27/20

Sam Arellano, CMO, Canndescent

Published 05/26/20

Nicole Brown, CCO, Open Book Extracts

Published 05/25/20

Cy Scott, Co-Founder & CEO, Headset

Published 05/21/20

Julian Shiff, CMO, Stanley Brothers

Published 05/20/20

Josh Richman, President & CMO, Receptra Naturals

Published 05/19/20

Darrell Whitelaw, Chief Product Officer, Proper

Published 05/18/20

James Kennedy, Founder, Apothecanna

Published 05/15/20

Sammy Dorf, Co-Founder, President & Chief Growth Officer, Verano Holdings

Published 05/12/20

Mitch Kahn, CEO & Founder, Grassroots Cannabis

Published 05/10/20

Daniel Carcillo, Former NHL Blackhawk & Founder Of The Chapter 5 Foundation

Published 05/09/20

Lorne Gertner, Co-Founder, Tokyo Smoke

Published 05/08/20

Angela Pih, CMO, Papa & Barkley

Published 05/08/20

Dennis O'Malley, CEO, Caliva

Published 05/05/20

Jennifer Dooley, Chief Strategy Officer, Green Thumb Industries

Published 05/04/20

Javier Hasse, Managing Director, Benzinga

Published 05/01/20

Joe Hodas, CMO, Wana Brands

Published 05/01/20

Narbe Alexandrian, President & CEO, Canopy Rivers

Published 04/29/20

Al Harrington, Co-Founder & CEO, Viola

Published 04/27/20

Christopher Gavigan, Founder & CEO, Prima

Published 04/24/20

Mike Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Soul CBD

Published 04/22/20

Adam Levin, Executive Chairman, HIGHTIMES

Published 04/20/20

Prinz Pinakatt, CMO, Airo Brands

Published 04/15/20

Jim Belushi, Founder, Belushi's Farm

Published 04/13/20

Jordan Lams, Founder & CEO, Moxie

Published 04/10/20

Jason Wild, President, JW Asset Management

Published 04/07/20

Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO, Jane Technologies

Published 04/05/20

Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer, Columbia Care

Published 04/02/20

Steven Przybyla, President, Jushi Medical

Published 03/30/20

Cory Rothschild, SVP Of Brand Marketing, Cresco Labs

Published 03/20/20

Lisa Hurwitz, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Grassroots Cannabis

Published 03/20/20