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We are two fifty-something besties with a podcast who believe in dreaming big and living our best lives. We promise lots of laughs, lots of takeaways, and lots of inspiration![p]

Eydie is a born-and-bred Wisconsin gal (you’ll love her Midwestern accent), a middle school teacher, and a single mother of two teens and a tween; Leah is a Canadian, presently sheltering in Madison, WI with her two teenage daughters and hubby as she waits to return to her job as an international school teacher in Beijing, China. The two of us made the best of the pandemic and decided to start a podcast together![p]

Each week we share chit chat tips and tricks, we gather around the “campfire” to chat about burning topics, and we have a Chit Chat challenge of the week! Please join us at the “Chit Chat Coop” on Facebook, where chicks and roosters alike can get to know each other and chat about the weekly challenges and takeaways from the podcast. It’s a vibrant and fun place to make new connections and friends.[p]

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Episode 14 - Comfort Foods

Published 10/25/20

Episode 13 - I Don’t Want To And You Can’t Make Me

Published 10/18/20

Episode 12 - Living A Wabi Sabi Life

Published 10/11/20

Bonus Episode - Getting To Know You

Published 10/08/20

Episode 11 - Letting Go

Published 10/04/20

Episode 10 - YA Fiction We Love

Published 09/27/20

Episode 9 - Got Energy?

Published 09/20/20

Episode 8 - Road Tripping

Published 09/13/20

Episode 7 - It's Play Time!

Published 09/06/20

Episode 6 - Success Partners

Published 09/01/20

Episode 5 - Keeping In Touch During The Pandemic

Published 08/25/20

Episode 4 - Granny Party

Published 08/18/20

Episode 3 - Upping Your Pandemic Game

Published 08/11/20

Episode 2 - Rituals

Published 08/04/20

Episode 1 - Our 10-Year-Old Selves

Published 07/28/20

2 Chit Chat Chicks Introduction

Published 07/28/20