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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Upgraded Plans

Our Professional Podcasts Get Extra Exposure on our Partner Websites.

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What is Double Your Exposure?

We have 2 podcast networks: NYC Podcast Network and the Long Island Podcast Network. Your podcast will be featured on both.

For the Professional package, how does the Google Analytics feature work?

Google Analytics is the most popular program to count visitors from different geographics and demographics. It is used to measure website traffic and it is free to use from Google itself. With our premium package, we will send you the statistics of people who visit your podcast page with us and you will be able to view that traffic with Google Analytics. All you need to do is set up a new Google Analytics property and provide us the unique UA or GTAG number provided by Google.

For the Professional package, where is the section called Featured Podcasts located?

We want our Professional podcast members to get the exposure they deserve. Since our home page is the most popular and most-often visited web page, our Featured Podcasts section is located on the top right-hand corner of our home page.

How are Featured Podcasts selected?

Featured Podcasts are available only for podcasts with the Professional membership and are listed in rotated order, so no one Professional level podcast gets treated above the others. Every podcast in our Featured Podcasts section is displayed an average of 50 times per day.