Wilderness Abandonment (with Joel Salatin)

The radical ideology of wilderness abandonment is getting misapplied to our public and private land We are seeing the unfortunate consequences of the hands off ecological approach Everything from beetlekill in Colorado to California burning wildly out of control Still we persist in our belief that we need to keep our hands off the land Rather than use our opposable thumbs for good we just need to stay off entirely We are losing farmland to wilderness at a frightening pace in our country 3 acres every 60 seconds At that rate our farm would be gone in 2 5 hours Is there any alternative to this madness Can we produce food in a way that heals the land rather than destroys it Is land better off being abandoned Here is the new patreon page check it out https www patreon com user u 18435655 Special Guest Joel Salatin Click here to visit this podcast episode

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