Episode 22: Leave A Trace

Leave No Trace LNT is a backcountry wilderness ethic preached in many of our national parks It makes sense Don t litter respect wildlife stay on the trail etc But it has blind spots It encourages an ecological disconnectedness with actions in our daily lives We might not litter in the park what what happens to the plastic wrappers that covered our food when we bought it at the store See Trash has to go somewhere too Conscious Impact Living CIL will hopefully be the replacement for LNT I didn t create it and I don t even think LNT is bad LNT served its purpose for many decades But we ve learned a lot about the earth s climate in the half century since LNT was created and we know more now than ever that everything is connected CIL is a roadmap to sustainable living in both the city and the backcountry I can t wait to show it to you Click here to visit this podcast episode

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