The Conscious Consultant Hour -Medical Intuitives And Energy Healers With/ Elaine Woodall

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour with Sam Liebowitz Sam speaks with Elaine Woodall a Medical Intuitive Healer In addition to her private practice in New York City she teaches Medical Intuition at the Open Center She has taught Medical Intuition at Holos University the premier institution in this country for the study of Medical Intuition founded by Carolyn Myss and Dr Norman Shealy She is also trained in Energy Medicine and Healers Who Share Vibrational Medicine She has served on the Board of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology an organization that promotes healing through advanced methodologies She is also a clinical hypnotherapist and an ordained Interfaith Minister and was previously a college professor in the field of Art History She has taught many classes and courses in medical intuition healing intuition meditation spirituality and psychology worldwide Her work has been featured in the New York Times and Venture Inward She has also just finished a book about her life entitled Journey to Heaven on Earth A Narcissist Gets Jerked Out of Her Atheism and Becomes a Conscious Co-Creator with Spirit Sam and Elaine will talk about being a Medical Intuitive the importance of the energetic side of healing and how the field of energy medicine has developed over the past few decades Originally recorded August 15 2014 Click here to visit this podcast episode

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