We ve got bush We ve got bush Nerds Pancake and Robin convince Yolo to sit in on their classic Fishbowl bit and she picks the 1984 Classic Revenge of the Nerds starring the guy who died jerking off Christopher Robin aka Curtis Armstrong and Goose from Top Gun On the B side the trio reboots a segment from last season now dubbed You ve Got the Look with a twist – the celebrity look alike has to be a cartoon or the opposite sex Christopher Robin becomes Bob from Bob s Burgers Pancake morphs into Daniel Son s mom from the Karate Kid and Yolo is Dirty Dora the Clitoris Explorer This episode is brought to you by The Gecko Gym – They get you hard Songs from Revenge and Bone Symphony Call or sext us at 708-928-5015 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram Special Thanks to The Stone Bridge Studio and Bill Harrison for production of this season He never says No Thank you for listening Please rate us on Apple Podcasts and share with your friends Satan says it s a bear market for souls these days so all he can promise pancake is maybe a hip podcast – so making it a hit falls on you listeners The SoCool Podcast is performed by Christopher Robin Yolo Monte Cristo and Jerry Pancake Written by Christopher Robin Jerry Pancake and Yolo Monte Cristo If you would like to advertise or purchase SoCool Podcast please email us at theshow socoolpodcast com Click here to visit this podcast episode

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