Houston – we have a problem The new Vintage Atari Computer Fishbowl system turns gay for Tom Cruise and the boys have to make a pivot on-the-fly from Days of Thunder to Fast Times at Ridgemont High Pancake and Robin seem to know a lot about this one and extend the episode to match the awesomeness of the 1982 Amy Heckerling classic They discuss the merits of Phoebe Cates s tits and Mike Damone s five point plan On the B side Yolo Monte Cristo joins Pancake and Robin for a new bit called Back to The Grinder the crew discusses their experiences with online dating and read from potential mates profiles on dating sites Pancake talks about his wife Jen Pancake and how they met on OK Cupid This episode is sponsored by Jasmine Dong Washing Detergent with songs from The Go-Go s an Original from Bill Harrison The Cars and Jackson Browne Call or sext us at 708-928-5015 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram Special Thanks to The Stone Bridge Studio and Bill Harrison for production of this season He never says No Thank you for listening Please rate us on Apple Podcasts and share with your friends Satan says it s a bear market for souls these days so all he can promise pancake is maybe a hip podcast – so making it a hit falls on you listeners The SoCool Podcast is performed by Christopher Robin Yolo Monte Cristo and Jerry Pancake Written by Christopher Robin Jerry Pancake and Yolo Monte Cristo If you would like to advertise or purchase SoCool Podcast please email us at theshow socoolpodcast com Click here to visit this podcast episode

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