Our Presence And The Anthropomorphic Field

EPISODE Our Presence and The Anthropomorphic Field This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour it s just Sam and you On this episode Sam discusses the importance of how we show up in the world our presence and how what we focus on affects our presence Sam talks about the energy field that creates a give and take among people that gather in a group Gathering with the common goal of doing transformation work is particularly powerful in its energy exchange Are we feeling uplifted by what we focus on or not Are we affecting others with our presence in a positive manner or are we spreading the feeling of being a victim of life All this and more on this special episode of The Conscious Consultant Hour Segment 1 Sam talks about his trip to Israel to see his mom and talks about his gratitude for having the chance to spend time with her He talks of making amends with his mom in relation to difficult times in his childhood He asked her forgiveness and expressed his appreciation for He feels fortunate to have had the chance to make amends Sam urges the audience to make peace with anyone you may be at odds with It s better to make peace with people while we can We shouldn t let disagreements or material things come between us Let s make sure we forgive ourselves and others Let s bury the ax Segment 2 Sam talks about focus and how it affects how we re feeling in the moment We are receiving and sending energy out all the time The more we focus our will on things that make us feel good the more we re giving out that energy This is what it means to be a creator in life This is when we feel life is happening for us rather than to us A state of gratitude is the highest vibrational state It helps us and those around us When we are joyful happy and energetic it makes the people around us joyful happy and energetic Segment 3 Sam continues his talk of focus and energy When people are together in a group there s a give and take in the energy of the people in the group This creates a field that becomes the third entity This is called a anthropomorphic field This field makes us all connected by that energy People that come together as a group to do transformational work in particular really feel the effect of this energy It is a body of energy that affects everybody Segment 4 Sam talk about the interconnectedness of humans It s hard for us as human not to laugh or smile when someone else is laughing or smiling If you re encountering a stressful situation you can change your energetic state by showing gratitude and focusing on the positive aspects of the situation Changing our state not only helps us but also the people around us When we choose to show up and be more mindful we notice how people around us shift We can affect any situation merely with our presence Our energetic state gives off energy on a cellular level Click here to visit this podcast episode

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