Opening The Akashic Records With Maureen St. Germain

AWAKENING HUMANITY Sam Liebowitz will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness EPISODE Opening the Akashic Records This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Master Teacher Facilitator and Best-Selling AuthorMaureen St Germain Maureen has over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions Known as thePractical Mystic Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life As a clear channel from Source she is continuously researching developing and introducing new methods that will help you connect with your own wisdom channel and inspire your spiritual awakening Maureen has personal connections with theAngels Ascended Masters Hathors Divine Feminine and theDragons A lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years Founder of Akashic Records International Maureen is an extremely accurate Akashic Records Guide and instructor Her new book Opening the Akashic Records is a clear and simple manual of precise instructions for accessing the Akashic Records and confirming the accuracy of the information you receive Widely known for her best-selling books Beyond the Flower of Life and Waking Up in 5D she has been sharing knowledge she has gained from her years of teaching meditation and research on ancient truths Labeled a modern-day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics Maureen has taught in 24 countries throughout Europe Canada USA Egypt China and Japan Her books have been translated into Russian Italian and Chinese Tune in for this transformational discussion at TalkRadio nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here Segment 1 Sam pulls quotes from the Universe and Abraham We are creators and this Universe is here for us The sun moon and planets are here to serve us in a million different ways Life is happening for us not to us Abraham is telling us that we get to choose are our path and which direction we go what we decide to manifest and how we show up in the world There s no one right path Sam welcomes his guest Maureen St Germain author of Opening The Akashic Records Segment 2 Sam welcomes back Maureen St Germain and asks Maureen how she went from working a traditional 9 to 5 to working in a more spiritual context Maureen shares how she while working her traditional job was leading workshops and eventually lost her traditional job Maureen talks about struggling financially while raising her four children but taking the leap and trusting in her path to do the work that she felt was her true purpose She believes the Universe was ready for her to do her work Segment 3 Sam asks Maureen what inspired her to write about the Akashic records Maureen tells the audience that she was teaching in China in Taiwan in particular Taiwanese hosts urged her to write a book about what she was teaching The Akashic records She wrote the book in Chinese and put it out and considers it much richer than her original book It has lots of tools and lots of information about why we do the things we do Maureen s definition of The Akashic records are an energetic field of the datasets that records everything we ve ever done and all the potential we ve considered The word Akasha is sanskrit for sky and though it is used to describe anything metaphysical It is a very specific domain of data Segment 4 Sam asks Maureen to open his records Maureen tells Sam that there is an opportunity that is coming to fruition for him that will come into being early next year Through the record keepers and Maureen Sam hears that the work he s doing is stellar and he is making a difference with everyone that s listening Sam then confirms that he is in the process of rebranding and creating his first book Click here to visit this podcast episode

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