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Katina is the founder of On Adulting a space for conscious millennials trying to navigate adulthood in a mindful happy way She discusses how to rediscover color and creativity in life why it s so important to question the routines we unconsciously fall into and how her life has changed as a result of breaking free from the work gym sleep hamster wheel so many of us seem to get caught up in Quotes From Katina Many of us are on this work gym sleep hamster wheel and we think that s enough but my purpose in life is to help people seek out more Always question the decisions you re making in your everyday lives and see if it s really true to yourself In our world today we re always being told how to do more but I m always trying to take away the noise and question if that s necessary so I can get to the root of how it makes me feel and whether I want to keep doing it Often times people tell me they don t have time to do creative things that brought them joy as a kid but research shows that we re spending over 11 hours a day consuming media I started to shift my practice to being more quiet and inward focused in the morning and I noticed I became much more generous and patient I felt good and began to build my mental awareness over time Click here to visit this podcast episode

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