It’s Time For A Plan To Put This Thing To Rest

On this episode of the Jared Dyson Show Jared talks about recent developments in the coronavirus response Many are calling for Dr Anthony Fauci to be fired While Jared can understand the reasoning he shares his opinion of why that may not happen He talks about how Texas stepped out to take the lead on the economy opening back up Other governors have follows suit and it s definitely at the front of Trumps mind But it seems everyone has different opinions Especially the Squad members like AOC Rashida Tlaib Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley They want a recovery package to revolve around illegal immigration Illegal immigrants already receive loads of benefits at the hands of US taxpayers Do we really want to pay more Can we afford more Jared talks about how the coronavirus response is affecting the US debt and how we simply cannot afford the socialism plans the Democrats are proposing Lastly he shares that it is time for President Trump to release his plan for the economy There needs to be a clear guideline of what to expect and its time to put the coronavirus panic to rest once and for all Click here to visit this podcast episode

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