Herman Edwards On Keeping The Faith

In this episode Hailey and Ronnie invite Coach Herman Edwards to the Mind Games podcast While Herman is currently the football coach at Arizona State University he has a longtime background of coaching as well as being an ESPN anchor Today Herman shares with us what mental health looks like to him why it s important to take life in our own hands what being a leader is and how we can create The Huddle in our own lives Quotes by Herman You cannot allow the perception of others to become your reality You ve got to be willing to bet on you You have to get up every day and decide whether your attitude is your best friend or your worst enemy We live in a world where we want to be liked and when you want to be liked you compromise I didn t want to be liked I wanted to be respected You know what s wrong with America We don t huddle We need to come together to build a team and great teams have unity and trust They huddle If you like what you heard follow Hailey on Instagram haileylott Visit her website www HaileyLott com to find out how you can connect on a deeper level and you ll even find some FREE support in the form of meditations – and more Like subscribe and let us know what you thought by leaving a review We will see you next week Thanks for listening Click here to visit this podcast episode

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