The Season 2 Finale has arrived Yolo is put in a Faustian Bargain situation by the Dark Lord himself and Pancake admits selling his soul for a hip podcast Louis aka the Dark Lord Satan is all forked tongue and double speak as he tries to convince Yolo to follow Pancake down his dark path Robin is mysteriously absent prompting some inner speculation about whether he might be moonlighting as Satan If you haven t bought any Christmas presents consider buying Deez Nutz for friends and family It s a full Comedy EP in the tradition of Adam Sandler and has some already hit tracks such as the old school CB trope – Ass Bandit and original song Sexy Oldsmobiles – All written and produced by the SoCool Podcast crew and produced by Bill Harrison at Stonebridge Studio In all seriousness we really want to thank the thousands of people who have downloaded the SoCool Podcast in not yet our first year We are all humbled that so many people enjoy the humor and listen to every episode I Pancake also want to thank my very talented friends Christopher Robin Yolo Monte Cristo and Bill Harrison for seeing my vision and always blindly participating even when they don t have any idea where my sick mind will lead them We do have big plans for season 3 and beyond Thank you again for listening We love you Call or sext us at 708-928-5015 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram Special Thanks to The Stone Bridge Studio and Bill Harrison for production of this season He never says No Thank you for listening Please rate us on Apple Podcasts and share with your friends Satan says it s a bear market for souls these days so all he can promise pancake is maybe a hip podcast – so making it a hit falls on you listeners The SoCool Podcast is performed by Christopher Robin Yolo Monte Cristo and Jerry Pancake Written by Christopher Robin Jerry Pancake and Yolo Monte Cristo If you would like to advertise or purchase SoCool Podcast please email us at theshow socoolpodcast com Click here to visit this podcast episode

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