Dr. Lance Von Stade On Healing From Within

Eating moving thinking recuperating helps us become present helps us become healthy – Lance von Stade In this episode of Mind Games Ronnie and Hailey interview Lance Von Stade to talk about how being in the present moment and health are strongly correlated Learn in this conversation how important it is to move your body for your mental and emotional health and how Lance has gained conscious power over his body Discover the ability to listen to your body and your mind and master your recuperation to stand out from other athletes Stay with us in this Mind Games episode as you discover the reason why you re supposed to exercise constantly during your forming years and the power of keeping with it as you grow older instead of sitting down all day Constant training and body movement will lead you to a fit mental state If you are interested in a particular part of the episode check out the notes with timestamps we included below Podcast Summary 00 33 – The correlation between your health and being in the present moment 04 20 – The secret to mental health Can you distinguish between a stimulus and a story 07 13 – How mastering your recuperation and quality sleep will make you great 10 12 – Why athletes NEVER listen and how being a rookie will cultivate your personal growth 15 44 – On training the mind body and breath and Lance s instrument analogy 19 16 – How we ve been literally adopting a chair form since our school years 27 14 – The unheard back story of chairs and how we end up casting ourselves physically and atrophying mentally 29 18 – How movement is relevant for both mental and emotional health and how Lance has gained conscious power over his own body 35 06 – How to empower a young child and how a community makes us stronger Resources The Wim Hof Method Nonviolent Communication Thank you for listening to the Mind Games Podcast You can continue to engage beyond this episode and many more through Apple Podcast and subscribe to our RSS Feed at Libsyn If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe and share it with those that may find this information valuable Click here to visit this podcast episode

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