Democrats Insist That It Is All Trump’s Fault

Over the past several days Democrats have started to double down on their claims that everything is Trump s fault As violence continues to rage in Democrat-led cities across they country they want to claim that it is Trump who is causing the issues The past weekend saw a Trump supporter who was labeled an alt-right extremist by the media shot and killed in Portland What happened next was that these terrorists started celebrating his death as his body lay lifeless in the streets They were celebrating the murder of a Trumper as they called him The Portland Mayor spoke out and laid all the blame for what s happening in his city on President Trump He said that Trump should leave them alone and let them do their job It certainly looks like they are doing a good job right now doesn t it As people continue to lose property businesses and lives Democrats are failing them through their inaction In Wisconsin the Lt Gov took the stage with radical extremists who advocated for the murder of white people One of the speakers said it was time to kill white people since they have killed one of ours Where was the action on this threatening language The only action you got out of Democrats was for Joe Biden to make a scheduled speach to blame President Trump He said the violence would not stop if Trump was reelected The violence will not stop if Biden is elected The race crisis in America started under Biden s boss and has continued due to failed Democrat leadership Finally Jared shares an encouraging word As we all worry about the things going on in the world around us there is peace that can be found A peace that passes all our understanding Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music http www reverbnation com GregShieldsClick here to visit this podcast episode

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