A Message The Left Is Trying To Hide

In this episode Jared talks about the recent efforts by the left to complete sabotage any message from President Trump or Republicans It seems no matter the subject they have a plan to keep the story from being heard The first comes in relation to the recent announcement about convalescent plasma as a potential treatment for COVID-19 Within minutes of the announcement by President Trump the media went on the attack to discredit the treatment Rather than understanding that it could be potentially beneficial they want to push their message of doom and gloom Essentially the media is saying that no one matters until there is an absolute cure for coronavirus This is not the right approach for the pandemic Then they also are trying to hide the message as part of the RNC Several major news outlets have said that they will live fact-check the RNC Others have suggested they treat the event as a misinformation event on healthcare and politics Rather than letting the American voter hear both sides of the story the media is on a mission to eliminate and censor the conservative viewpoint in favor of the message that they want you to hear Jared asks the question how this is actually helping our country How is this helping Americans learn and make decisions It s not It s misleading millions of Americans to follow in the footsteps of corrupt policy and bad leadership The only story the Democrats are sharing is that President Trump is a bad bad man While President Trump has shared a complete platform with initiatives that he wants to accomplish in his second term It s a tale of two stories and a message that the left is trying to hide Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music http www reverbnation com GregShieldsClick here to visit this podcast episode

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