6 Lessons From Yoga For Trauma Recovery With Hailey Lott

In this solo show Hailey discusses 6 Key Lessons from her recent Yoga for Trauma Recovery Retreat And don t forget to take advantage of The Emotional Emergency Toolkit which walks you step-by-step on how to finally support yourself in emotional emergencies Key Highlights My trauma is true to me and all of our trauma is relative When we practice these things we get stronger at it Talking points What makes you feel centered and grounded You are worthy of a full abundant life Think about what small steps you can take toward forgiveness LESSON 1 There are different types of trauma Big-T Trauma little-t trauma cumulative trauma LESSON 2 The resiliency zone where your resources are at the highest rate LESSON 3 Tracking is this pleasant unpleasant or neutral LESSON 4 Breath it s key in keeping us regulated and in the zone LESSON 5 Prevention what we can do to keep ourselves accountable LESSON 6 Forgiveness it s more about ourselves than anyone else Click here to visit this podcast episode

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